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Monitor Articles for December 27, 2011

iOS and Android phones, tablets: Activations soar
Obama sees approval rating rise. Is it the economy or something else?
Gold futures or stocks? Analyst picks stocks.
Wisconsin recall: Should taxpayers pay extra to verify petition signatures?
Without Ben Nelson, can Democrats keep control of Senate in 2012?
‘Payroll Tax, The Sequel’: Did either side learn any lessons from Part 1?
Seeking justice for victims across borders
Could Romney 'train' be derailed by Gingrich? Perry? Someone new?
A spitting incident sets off Israeli frustration with Jewish zealotry
Election 101: Where the GOP candidates stand on the economy
Brazil bumps Britain to become world's sixth largest economy
Putin puts down protesters with physics: What is 'Brownian motion,' anyway?
Latest leader to redefine term limits: Senegal's President Wade
English flout hunting ban in foxy style
The Monitor's View Obama's new tax on the poor: Internet gambling by states
Where's the white stuff? Why northern tier of US is mostly snowless.
Scuba therapy: Young Palestinian amputees take a dip off Dubai
Opinion 2011: A year of progress for human rights
Taxes: 2011 Lump of Coal Award goes to ...
Sears closings: At least 100 stores to be shuttered
Real estate investment: Make money with REITs, ETFs, not tenants
Pakistan's military dismisses talk of a coup as politics heat up
Difference Maker Tom Prichard pursues peace, education in South Sudan
On North Korea's border: foreboding about what's next
Back on hunger strike: India's Anna Hazare resumes corruption fight
Putin belittles protesters as aimless, but promises 'transparency'
Opinion My 'Millennials' generation is busy reimagining a life of ethics
Al Qaeda in Iraq claims responsibility for Baghdad bombings
The essay that has Chinese talking: 'On Wanting Freedom'
2011 fiction quiz: Can you recognize the opening line?
Is Mexico close to capturing its most wanted fugitive?
Arab League observers head to Syria's war-ravaged Homs
Warm spinach salad with bacon, mushrooms, and a poached egg
A year of promise