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Monitor Articles for December 26, 2011

New home sales near all-time low
Eastern Libya poll indicates political Islam will closely follow democracy
Intelligence firm Stratfor reels after data breach. What did hackers get?
Fuller picture emerges of fatal, chaotic US-Pakistan firefight
Virginia primary: Was it so hard for Perry and Gingrich to get on the ballot?
Donald Trump as third-party candidate: Will he woo Americans Elect?
Stratfor cyberattack adds an exclamation point to ‘Year of the Hack’
In GOP race, Iowa and New Hampshire aren't what they used to be
After Christmas sales: Your guide to snagging them, online or in person
Is model Turkey sliding into authoritarianism?
Boom in Internet gambling ahead? US policy reversal clears the way.
South Korea peace seekers meet new leader of the North
Cover Story The (surprisingly upbeat) state of the world
State of the world: Global gender gap narrows
State of the world: Is war on the wane?
State of the world: Mideast boosts global democratic progress
State of the world: U.N. poverty-reduction goals on track
Progress report: Getting better globally
One billion holiday wishes
Christmas church bombings put global spotlight on 'Nigerian Taliban' (VIDEO)
Celebrity memoir quiz
Stock market quiz: Can you predict the market based on the trader's face?
Famine early warning system gives Africa a chance to prepare
Winter Surfing at Sunset
Meatless Monday: Corn pudding
Readers Write: EPA may not be killing jobs, but it's letting honeybees die
Monitor Breakfast Joe Lieberman: "I don't think Congress has ever been as bad as it is today."