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Monitor Articles for December 23, 2011

Christmas games for the whole family
Religiously active people more likely to engage in civic life, Pew study finds
Stocks climb, S&P turns positive for 2011
US-Russia ties: Chill over Syria replaces warmth of Obama's 'reset' policy
Unemployment extension 101: what the payroll tax deal means for the jobless
In the Land of Blood and Honey: movie review (VIDEO)
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: movie review (VIDEO)
Vaclav Havel: crisis of 'human spirit' demands spiritual reawakening
If Ron Paul wins in Iowa, does that make the state irrelevant?
Social media helps far-flung families connect this holiday season
Pew study: female vets more critical than men of Iraq, Afghanistan wars
Why we need the government for innovation
This Christmas, spend time on the little things
The Monitor's View Dickens of a Christmas: Celebrating the tale of a redeemed Scrooge
Has Obama’s ‘let’s talk’ approach worked with US adversaries? A report card.
Air Jordans: 'Sneakerheads' flock to grab retro kicks (VIDEO)
Payroll tax cut extended, but battle resumes after break
One year after Tunisian revolt began, little has changed, residents say
Netflix stock plunges. CEO takes $1.5 million hit.
FedEx delivery video: Package thrown. FedEx apologizes on YouTube.
Christmas strata
A year of drift in US-Latin American relations
In Germany, postal elves reply to Christmas letters with messages of joy, hope
Czechs, world leaders remember 'irreplaceable' Vaclav Havel at funeral
Christchurch, New Zealand, rocked by series of earthquakes, but no casualties
Peace Corps pullout a sad day for Central America
Christmas bonanza decks streets, storefronts of New Delhi
Retailers gearing up for big pre-Christmas shopping in next two days
Turkey and France trade accusations of genocidal history
Can California meet its lofty energy goals?
Opinion Fellowship of the Christmas ham
China makes record purchase as eurozone puts assets up for sale
North Korea uses Kim Jong-il funeral to send olive branch and warning to South
Opinion Vaclav Havel and Kim Jong-il – moral opposites
Syrian state media: Terrorists bomb government buildings in Damascus
Christmas in the alley
Is Indian investment in Ethiopian farms a 'land grab?' (VIDEO)
13 best 2011 author interviews
US military report shares blame on NATO bombing of Pakistani soldiers (VIDEO)
Good Living Street