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Monitor Articles for December 21, 2011

Payroll tax and attack ads latest issues for Romney and Gingrich to lock horns over
Verizon Wireless back online after nationwide data outage
Android activations hit 700K a day
In payroll tax battle, GOP shows cracks under Democratic pressure
Republican candidates: This holiday season, the wives are working overtime.
'The Hobbit' movie trailer: what it tells us, what it leaves a mystery (VIDEO)
Why 2012 could be the year we find a habitable planet
EPA unveils 'historic' air pollution rules. Can power industry cope?
What came first, income stagnation or inequality?
Bank of America in $335M settlement over lending discrimination case
Turkey angered by French bill to criminalize 'Armenian genocide denial'
Earth's northern half plunged into darkness by axial tilt! Will sunlight ever return?
10 best movies of 2011
Did Kim Jong-il death ruin breakthrough deal on North Korea nukes?
New Earth-like planets: How did astronomers find them?
Scientists discover how water makes chili peppers hotter
So a Russian, an American, and a Dutchman blast off in a rocket...
Gary Johnson to bolt GOP for Libertarians. Will his candidacy matter?
The Monitor's View How to react to an explosion of negative political ads
No extradition for Irishman accused of selling North Korean forged dollars
Home sales up. Is the housing market finally turning around?
Larsson's partner: 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' merchandise masks novel's point
With US gone, Iraq's Maliki is setting the board for a power grab
'Layaway angels' and gold coins: Americans find new ways to warm hearts (VIDEO)
Frankincense, Christmas staple, 'doomed': Scientists
In austerity-hit Britain, holiday shoppers shorten their lists
Could the new Earth-like planets harbor life?
Rajoy, Spain's new PM, warns of tough economic road ahead
The defining issue of 2012: Who should government serve?
Websites allow Kenyans to report bribes and battle corruption
In Jakarta, it’s hip to like history
South Korea in furor over intelligence vacuum on Kim Jong-il's death
Ron Paul: Rivals say he hates Republicans
The most expensive items on Amazon
European Central Bank loans $639 billion to banks. Will it help?
HBO cancels shows including 'Hung,' 'Bored to Death'
Insider trading: Why do feds treat it like a mob crime?
A Caribbean Christmas baked ham
Opinion US must honor its commitment to Iraqi and other refugees
Christmas cosmonauts: American, Russian, and Dutchman bound for ISS
Ethiopia convicts Swedish journalists of terrorism
Home sales rising. Is a new wave of home investors forming?
Opinion FAMU hazing, Robert Champion: Violent rituals don't make men stronger
'Messenger Angels' protest crime in Mexico, wearing angels' wings (video)
Presidential buzz surrounds leading figure of Russia's protest movement
Americans are the most generous, global poll finds
The Adventures of Tintin: movie review (VIDEO)
'The Hobbit' trailer provides a glimpse into a new Middle-Earth journey (VIDEO)
Are economy experts less likely to give to charity?
Argentina and Britain reignite tensions over Falkland Islands
Piers Morgan editorship: Phone hacking rife at British tabloid, says columnist
Mortgage rates at record lows. Home buyers yawn.
DR Congo election: Kabila sworn in as rival challenges his legitimacy
Newt Gringrich, ahead in Virginia, promises tougher counterpunches
The chef's art
Top Picks: Behind the scenes with the Windsors, Vienna Philharmonic's New Year's Day concert, and more
Traveling safely
Women in Egypt hold huge rally to protest violence against them (video)
After Kim Jong-il: Who is really in charge in North Korea? (VIDEO)
Almost President
Personal finance: Don't trust your gut