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Monitor Articles for December 20, 2011

David Archuleta takes break from singing career to join Mormon mission
Bill Conlin of Philadelphia Daily News accused of child molestation
First true Google tablet arriving next year, says Schmidt
PlayStation Vita enjoys great first week. Is it enough?
Frankincense in decline. Fewer gifts will grow on trees.
Failed Martin Luther King Day parade bomber gets 32-year sentence
Why 2012 could be the year of the third-party candidate
House rejects payroll-tax deal. Is it now dead?
First Earth-size planets found around distant star – in a bizarre solar system
Beef chili and cheddar cornbread
The payroll tax battle gets worse
Doughnut holes for Hanukkah
Dow surges 337 on Europe, housing report
Can Paul Allen launch rockets into space from a plane?
Is Newt Gingrich the Christine O'Donnell of Election 2012?
Holiday travel: why airports will be a little emptier this year
What will happen after sun vaporizes Earth? Scorched planets hold clues.
Do new endorsements mean Mitt Romney is finally winning over the GOP?
The Monitor's View When politicians speak of Christ at Christmas
Snowstorm US: blizzard heads north, but Southwest still digging out
Google invests $94 million in California solar farms
Piers Morgan stays mum about Paul McCartney phone message
Increasing debt to avoid depression only benefits the wealthy
A cracking good present
How Newt Gingrich won over the tea party
Twelve days of Christmas hopes for tough economy, deadlocked Congress
New guidelines show chimps are rarely needed for medical research
'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer draws controversy for villain Bane's portrayal
Smartphones: The best way to watch the Super Bowl?
US man found guilty of conspiracy to assist Al Qaeda
Could Iraq descend into a civil war again? (VIDEO)
New home construction increases
Wounded Syrian refugees describe firefight, siege
Peruvians unhappy with Lori Berenson's holiday parole (video)
Will we see Yu Darvish in Texas? (VIDEO)
With deadline looming to close MEK's Camp Ashraf in Iraq, what next?
Test your baseball knowledge with our comprehensive quiz
Opinion Made in China: US can't afford high cost of low-priced Christmas gifts
On Conan Doyle
What if Ron Paul wins Iowa – and New Hampshire, too?
Housing market improves
A pageant winner's effort to change Venezuela's focus on beauty
10 book-to-movie adaptations coming this holiday season
Government nears end of hearing against accused WikiLeaks source Manning
Local version of American Idol highlights growing rich-poor divide in Papua New Guinea
'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' remake: movie review
Election 101: Where the GOP candidates stand on China, Iran, Israel and other key foreign issues
Astronauts plan space station holiday bash (Video)
With payroll-tax cut, House GOP aims to force senators back to Capitol
Sympathy? Condolences? South Korea weighs response to Kim Jong-il's death.
'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer is here, gritty
Lori Berenson home for the holidays for the first time in 16 years
Congress has its most disappointing year ever
Verbal Energy Not just 'closed' but 'exceptionally closed'
AT&T calls off bid for T-Mobile. Now what?
Kremlin turns to more covert tactics to undermine Russia's protest movement
Christmas cookie platter ideas
John Hughes After US withdrawal from Iraq, a tallying of the balance sheet
Newt Gingrich fades, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul rise, say polls
A feast of seven fishes
Is Strauss-Kahn staging a political comeback – on his wife's coattails?
Typhoon Sendong: Did illegal logging cause flash flooding in Philippines?
Christmas and the human family
Oil futures rise to near $95
Blizzard closes highways from New Mexico to Kansas
Syria vows to execute 'terrorists' after worst day of violence