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Monitor Articles for December 15, 2011

Foreclosures: new wave is coming in 2012
GOP debate in Iowa: Best quotes out of the night
Zynga IPO offers plenty of upside, analyst says
Facebook rolls out new Timeline profiles
Gingrich and Bachmann duke it out early in Republican debate
As government shutdown looms, lawmakers squabbling over policy, not pork
Dynasties undone? Clippers, Angels are now the 'it' teams in L.A.
Pakistan makes its case in Washington: deadly NATO attack was no mistake
Top Picks: The life of Charles and Ray Eames, the best travel destinations for 2012, and more
Where to Begin
The final GOP debate before Iowa: what each candidate needs to do
Sky apples stun English motorists
A Medicare reform plan that just might work
UC Berkeley's gift to middle-class families: a cap on college costs
Rod Blagojevich a substance abuser? He seeks treatment in prison.
What's the value of canning your own beans?
Obama taking heat for asking for US drone back? Pay little heed.
Chile's bid to save energy: men, leave your ties at home
What Obama must do if he gets a second term
Amid Congo election dispute, rival candidates carefully plan confrontation
Chris Paul trade: Can the Clippers become LA's team?
Hezbollah, terrorist financing, and Venezuela: Don't panic
Government shutdown? Congress suddenly uniting to avert it.
Opinion Lieberman and Collins: Shipping industry must choose between Iran and the US
Vladimir Putin mocks Moscow protesters, says they were paid
Samsung Galaxy Nexus hits Verizon. Spoiler alert: It's pretty great.
2012 Golden Globe nominees: Spotlight shines on 'The Artist'
Equity mutual funds: Investors pull money out
The Monitor's View Iraq, after US ends its war role, must now define 'mission accomplished'
The Iraq war ends with a sovereign Iraq kicking US out
5 best mysteries of the holiday season
Prohibition: India's and America's shared lessons in fight against alcohol
Barbara Walters scoop: Herman Cain wants to be SecDef!
Opinion As Syria crisis worsens, UN Security Council must act
Rasmussen poll shocker: Gingrich tanks in Iowa, Romney now on top
How to restore the middle class
Mission accomplished, really: US war in Iraq officially ends
Comet's death-plunge into sun will be well documented
Exclusive: Iran hijacked US drone, says Iranian engineer (Video)
Yoho Bike Hotel: a hotel for the two-tired
5 of America's best presidential losers
Viva Farms grows a new generation of farmers
Coming slowly to 300 million Chinese puffers: smoke-free zones
The biggest stock market moments of 2011
Vandals torch second Palestinian mosque
Pear and blue cheese bacon pizza
Newt Gingrich: 8 of the GOP idea man's more unusual ideas
French court convicts ex-Pres Jacques Chirac of corruption
Why the death penalty is at historic low in the US
Unclaimed money: Woman gets record $6.1 million
Democrats' tough choice: shut down government or swallow GOP's bills
Putin, in four-hour telethon, sticks to his guns on election (video)
The gift of prayer for postelection Congo
Health insurance: 2.5 million young people added to rolls
Jon Huntsman leapfrogs Ron Paul in New Hampshire, says poll
Could Iran copy the 'beast'? US aircraft have been reverse-engineered before
US formally draws curtain on the unpopular war in Iraq (video)
A Rick Perry comeback? It all rides on Iowa now.
Payroll tax cut is headed for compromise
Jerusalem: The Biography
Reader recommendation: The Johnstown Flood
Next MacBook will reportedly ship with hi-res 'retina display'