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Monitor Articles for December 14, 2011

Alexander Graham Bell recordings discovered after 130 years
iPad 3 rumors: What we know, don't know, and think we know
Gingrich's tax plan takes him from irresponsible to reckless
Is falling US marriage rate a bad thing? Some find positives in the data.
Nuclear safety: NRC chairman is a tyrant, colleagues tell Congress
Ron Paul: Medicare in Constitution
Rick Perry rebound in Iowa: Assisted by veterans?
US: Assad's Syria a 'dead man walking'
Romney changes strategy after poll shows campaign flagging
Fed blames flippers for the housing bubble
Mystery of supernova birth points to white dwarfs
Illegal immigration across US-Mexico border hits historic low
Android reigns supreme, but app developers still prefer iPhone
Cosmic cuisine: Giant gas blob on menu for Milky Way's black hole
Stocks, Euro fall amid lingering debt worries
Grebes birds: Thousands of birds make crash landing in Utah
High school seniors smoke marijuana more than cigarettes, survey finds
GOP race in a microcosm: Romney fund-raising in NY, Gingrich lectures on brain research
Christine O'Donnell endorses Mitt Romney in GOP presidential bid
What happens when countries can't borrow money?
As Iraq war ends, strange hush descends on US bases
How WTO membership made China the workshop of the world
Green energy: Silicon Valley leads a back-to-basics revolution
Africa Rising: With film school, can Sierra Leone change 'Blood Diamond' image?
The Monitor's View America's rash retreat from marriage
Ron Paul closes on Newt Gingrich: In time to win Iowa?
Elizabeth Taylor auction nets record millions (VIDEO)
Penn State: Figures head to court in Sandusky scandal
Obama welcomes US troops home from Iraq
'Clockwork Prince': what to read next
Mitt Romney vs. Newt Gingrich: making 'moderate' a dirty word
Microsoft billionaire launches new space venture
Payroll tax vote blocked by Senate leaders. Bad sign?
Penny-sized frogs are world's smallest
NTSB begs states to ban driver cellphone use. Where do they stand now?
10 entrepreneurs who changed the world
Stratolaunch plane could make space tourism affordable
NATO drivers to US, Pakistan: Keep us truckin'
Pushing racial buttons, a young firebrand stirs up South Africa
Elusive Higgs boson particle running out of hiding places
Designing for disaster
Her Fur
World's fastest-growing cities
Chained children in Pakistan: Not an uncommon treatment for addicts
Are GOP voters fooling themselves about Newt Gingrich's electability?
'Breaking Dawn' and 'Harry Potter' two of the most newsworthy movies of 2011
Mortgage rates decline yet again
Opinion Lowe's is wrong. Russell Simmons is right. US needs TLC show 'All-American Muslim.'
How the House spending bill could prove a lump of coal for Cuban-Americans' holidays
Old-fashioned molasses cookies
Will Allen wants to start a 'good food revolution'
US troops against the LRA? A war worth winning
Fight among nation's top nuclear regulators gets airing before Congress
CIA cover blown in latest spy-versus-spy with Iran
Add to stalemate over payroll tax the threat of government shutdown
The middle class buys more fast food than the poor. Surprised?
Don't believe the Swedbank collapse rumors
Election 101: Where the GOP candidates stand on immigration, abortion and other social issues
Russian parliament speaker resigns after election protests
Christian tourism: walking where Jesus walked
NTSB wants to ban cellphones in cars? Jam them.
Newt Gingrich wouldn't beat Obama in 2012, new poll shows
Doubts mount as Europe struggles with next steps in euro crisis
Belgium gunman also killed a cleaning woman
In Egypt elections, secular parties rally to stop Islamist tide
When change in your life seems drastic
Behind decline in US-Mexico border crossings: higher risks, lower rewards
Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak calls for crackdown on 'Jewish terror'
Interest rates, stress rise on Italian borrowing
Shiny Objects: Why We Spend Money We Don’t Have in Search of Happiness We Can’t Buy
Reader recommendation: The Night Circus
Paul Allen plans to replace space shuttle program
Seychelles becomes site of another US drone crash
iPad 3 rumors point to February release date