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Monitor Articles for December 11, 2011

Tokyo Motor Show: New tires don't need air – or oil
Health-care cuts in Britain: draconian?
Oh, yeah? Fact-checking the presidential candidates
Why Israelis may not be thrilled by sweet nothings from Gingrich, GOP
Wall Street is its own worst enemy
State, local policies emerge on illegal immigrants
A winter soup starter kit
Kids tablets: Five touch-screen computers for the nine-and-under set
RG3 wins first Heisman Trophy for Baylor
Fracking: Pollution finding could hurt gas drilling
Tim Tebow: Hero? Role model? Overbearing evangelist? All of the above.
Following his solid debate performance, can Newt Gingrich be stopped?
Congo election: Two men declare themselves president
Is Zimbabwe ditching the dollar?
Panama's Noriega returns: Now, what secrets might he spill?
Iran to US: We won't return the 'beast' drone
Ex-dictator Manuel Noriega headed home to Panama
5 best websites for turning junk into cash