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Monitor Articles for December 10, 2011

Oil prices rise. US costs, OPEC sales hit records
Faced with evictions, occupy movement protesters look to new tactics
Dress for your own success, not someone else's
Find My Face: facial recognition with less privacy angst
Proposal to make Chicago a state shows Illinois divide
Shooter at Virginia Tech was student at nearby school
Russian protests: Why I took to Moscow's streets
With an eye toward the Jewish vote, Newt Gingrich disses Palestinians
What was the biggest 2011 stock market trend?
Russia protests: Moscow rocked by biggest since fall of USSR
Cover Story Iraq after the US: Will it survive? (video)
How the Iraq war has changed America
After Iraq: What will history say?
Consumer expectations improve
Obama presses GOP on consumer watchdog delay
Payroll tax: House GOP offers new plan
US Supreme Court takes up Texas redistricting case
Can space heaters lower your energy bill?
Retirement planning: what to do once you get there. A review.
As debate approaches, Republicans, conservatives target Newt Gingrich
Cookbook review: 'The Bonne Femme Cookbook'
Apple will sell 30 million phones in Q4 of 2011: analyst