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Monitor Articles for November 9, 2011

Republican debate showcases GOP agreement despite Perry 'oops'
Adobe ditches Flash for Mobile. You win this round, Apple.
Google yanks support for BlackBerry Gmail app
Christmas tree tax derided by conservatives, denied by White House
Solar power probe questions legality of Chinese tactic
USS Cole bombing: Defense grills judge as suspect is arraigned in Cuba
Why tax reform is a waste of time
Stocks plummet as Europe trouble deepens
Christmas tree tax: White House pulls it, for now
Did the national Emergency Alert System mistakenly play Lady Gaga?
Will women voters say, 'It's just Herman being Herman'?
Hindsight haunts Joe Paterno in Penn State scandal: 'I wish I had done more'
Liberians await presidential election results after low turnout on polling day
Now is not the time to push Egypt's military on democratic elections?
Hey, remember Romney's tax plan?
Interview with Steven Pinker: Are we getting better?
Morgan Freeman wins lifetime achievement award at Globes
In quotes: 7 Berlusconi memorable moments
Iran nuclear report: Why it may not be a game-changer after all
Bil Keane remembered as creator of 'Family Circus' comic
Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard dropout, returns to open arms
'Fixies,' skinny jeans, and irony swarm Jakarta's streets
The Monitor's View The promise of e-government
The 50-plus votes and allegations that failed to sink Berlusconi
Smartphones race past Nintendo to dominate mobile video games
Toyota recall: Does crankshaft flaw affect your car?
Have scientists finally solved the mystery of the magnetic moon?
US troops brought South Korea democracy, hot dogs, and Spam
Eddie Murphy: Oscars host quits
Will GOP debate be sidetracked by Herman Cain sexual harassment allegations?
Clint Eastwood's 'J. Edgar,' starring Leonardo DiCaprio: movie review
Hot mics, liars, and tempests in tea pots: Does Sarkozy's Netanyahu comment surprise anyone?
Tired of 'venom' over illegal immigration, voters in Arizona oust Russell Pearce
US poverty: Blame the government
Senior exiled Tibetan monk urges end to immolations in China
Bering Sea storm: Has global warming made Alaska more vulnerable?
Poll: Latin Americans' optimism strong, despite concerns about crime, poverty
Opinion How to overthrow Iran's regime without war or sanctions
Opinion How to overthrow Iran's regime without war or sanctions
'Breaking Dawn' author Stephenie Meyer discusses her new role as movie producer
Asteroid 2005 YU55 'looks like a giant rock floating through space,' reports astronomer
Emergency Alert System: Why US is doing first national test now
Pork sausage risotto
How Russia's Martian moon probe got stuck orbiting Earth
Mortgage rates in decline
From personhood amendment to Ohio Issue 2, not a banner election for tea party
Many seniors are buried in debt. Six tips to dig out of it.
Joe Paterno to retire: Is the Penn State scandal over?
Top children's books for holiday gifts, according to Scholastic Book Clubs and Book Fairs
Can big business save Japan's fishing industry?
'Assassin of Secrets' plagiarism charges: Was Q.R. Markham hiding some secrets of his own?
Bering Sea Storm: Where did Alaska's 'epic' storm come from?
'Liar': Will Sarkozy's Netanyahu jab mar cooperation on Iran?
Opinion Forget sexual harassment claims, Herman Cain is too much like Obama
10 best books of 2011, according to Amazon
Perez Molina and Ortega's political differences mask similarities on crime
Opinion Liberia – a model for US development aid
Russell Pearce, architect of illegal immigration law in Arizona, loses election
The real unemployment rate and Europe's underground economy
Good Reads: Iran's nuclear program and America's man in Southeast Asia, Jim Thompson
Why Mitt Romney is spending more time in Iowa
Election results 2011: Voters signal that GOP overreached
Europe's debt crisis: What's next for Italy and Greece?
Nome, Alaska braces for rare, monster storm
Pakistani minister: India-Pakistan 'trust deficit' is shrinking
Iran's nuclear program: Will oil ties prevent China from backing tough Iran sanctions?
Penn State students rally in support of Joe Paterno
When a new day begins
Italy's Berlusconi agrees to resign. Here's why.
Holiday cards 101
Dish Network: fewer subscribers, higher profit
Higher Gossip
Reader recommendation: War Brides
Firefox 8 hits the Web. Enjoy while it lasts.
Modern Warfare 3 review roundup