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Monitor Articles for November 7, 2011

Tappan Zee Bridge sees laid off employee dangle, stop traffic
Verizon Droid RAZR review roundup
Verizon doubles its 4G data caps (for now)
Nook Tablet unveiled at half the price of the iPad
How wrangle over Jerusalem is at the core of a US Supreme Court showdown
Printing money won't solve a global depression
Bank Transfer Day: How much impact did it have?
Are cracks beginning to form in GOP's bedrock antitax pledge?
Did Penn State officials ignore sexual abuse allegations?
Ron Paul denies third-party run. So why are pundits still talking about it?
Conrad Murray, convicted in Michael Jackson death, jailed immediately
Berkshire Hathaway doubles stock purchases. Does Buffett see something big?
Does Obama deserve second term? One year out, half say no.
Stocks rise; Dow cracks 12000
Green energy trade disputes mount
Was race a factor in Texas death sentence? Supreme Court declines case.
Herman Cain accuser: How credible is Sharon Bialek?
Dropping out to become an entrepreneur: A good idea?
New poverty calculus: Cause for alarm or political deception?
Marie Curie: Why her papers are still radioactive
Is Nigeria's militant group Boko Haram in it for the cash?
Carlos the Jackal: Who is the man behind the nickname?
The Monitor's View Penn State and Herman Cain: sex charges handled badly
Is an embryo a 'person'? Mississippi set to decide in abortion referendum
Airfares: $365 difference for the same trip?
Underneath Mexico City's bustle lie Aztec wonders
Wealth gap between young and old is wider than ever
Reining in conflict mineral trade: Congolese skeptical of Rwanda's help
An imminent Israeli strike on Iran nuclear program? Not likely.
Kal Penn and John Cho's 'A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas' will satisfy fans, but struggles with tone
The rising risk of social unrest
Want a more ethical workplace? Make it childlike.
Greece cobbles together interim government as Italy teeters
Some small signs that the 'Arab Spring' is spreading into Africa
President-elect Otto Pérez Molina inherits poverty, crime issues in Guatemala (video)
Will Robert De Niro play Bernie Madoff for HBO?
Bill Clinton's "Back to Work" offers plenty of ideas, a few criticisms
Young Afghans form artistic outlets
Giotto devil: Devil Found in detail of Giotto fresco in Italy
Jerry Sandusky: What did Penn State's Joe Paterno know about him? (video)
Marie Curie: How she changed the world
NBA lockout: little progress, deadline looms
Retired military general Otto Pérez Molina wins Guatemala's presidency (video)
Daniel Ortega appears set to win presidential election in Nicaragua
Andy Rooney tribute airs on '60 Minutes'
Is Walmart’s $1 billion sustainable agriculture strategy a model?
Meatless Monday: Creamy chickpea soup
As Italy debt crisis mounts, attention turns to ousting Berlusconi (video)
Opinion In Iran, longtime 'reformers' stifle true revolution
Opinion Gas pipeline from Russia to Germany reveals weakness in Putin's 'energy weapon'
Difference Maker Jeremy Teicher helps young Africans tell the world 'This Is Us.'
Sexual harassment: Nearly half of 7th- to 12th-graders targeted in a year
Why Bank Transfer Day actually helped banks
Cooler heads on Capitol Hill as 'super committee' toils to cut US deficit?
China's Ai Weiwei: hit with $2.4 million tax bill, now illegal fundraising?
Congo's election season gets rough start with hate speech, violence
Penn State scandal: Shock at Sandusky sex abuse charges
Good Reads: What China can learn about innovation from Skype and Steve Jobs
US warns of militant attacks on Nigerian luxury hotels
China, not alone
Eurozone stocks swing on Italy. Will Berlusconi resign?
Checking account fees: Credit unions charge them, too
American Nations
Reader recommendation: Tolkien's Art
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of November 7, 2011
Monitor Breakfast Israeli Ambassador Oren: US, Israel have "tactical" differences in pursuit of peace