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Monitor Articles for November 5, 2011

NBA lockout: Some players push new strategy
Renewable energy: victim of trade war – or winner?
Debt crisis: Where do a rattled Greece and EU go from here?
Speaking frankly costs an Army general his job
Should universities borrow money to fund new projects?
Ohio voters to decide bargaining rights for public employees
Why Colombia's FARC rebels remain a threat after Cano's killing
Cover Story The rise of an economic superpower: What does China want?
The economic road ahead for China and Pakistan
Herman Cain tries to put sexual harassment episode behind him
Why an early start to retirement savings is critical
Astronomers take the measure of a quasar's inner sanctum
Full time unemployment in decline
Biden warns GOP on stalling Obama jobs measure
Hugo Chávez looks to take Venezuela's private Los Roques paradise public
Bank Transfer Day: a protest ... and marketing campaign
On the jobs report
Andy Rooney of '60 Minutes' talked about life's absurdities, large and small
FARC leader 'Alfonso Cano' killed in Colombia
5 tales of true love, complete with family complications
Ten economic protests that changed history
Cookbook review: 'Cook’s Country Blue Ribbon Desserts'
Gabrielle Giffords' book offers a window into her struggle to recover