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Monitor Articles for November 30, 2011

Is Apple's Siri anti-abortion?
Rockefeller Center sees massive crowds for tree lighting
401(k) balances fell 12 percent in 3Q, says Fidelity
Will income inequality get even worse?
Should President Reagan shooter John Hinckley get more freedom?
No sign of Herman Cain quitting yet, 'reassessing'
Census finds 1 in 8 Americans are seniors – an all-time high
Three factors that are polarizing the nation
The mystery of the humongous Christmas space explosion
Occupy LA report card: Was LAPD fair in evicting protesters?
Mystery of the missing money: FBI befuddled by disappearance of $43,643
Wall Street blowout: the start of a 'Santa Claus' rally?
Mark Twain and 29 other great pseudonyms
Tom Hanks may star in Nazi Germany chronicle 'In the Garden of Beasts'
Somali Islamists ban aid groups, renewing famine concerns
Worms in space: how one experiment could send them to Mars
Is Mitt Romney nomination really inevitable anymore?
Peanut butter fudge
Evicted but defiant, Occupy LA faces crisis moment
Mark Twain: Top 5 world travel quotes
The Monitor's View To end the euro crisis, will Europe sing Germany's song?
'Sherlock Holmes 2' looks to be as big and loud as its predecessor
Five innovations that boost soil fertility
Boeing 737 MAX to be built in Renton, Wash.
Afghans see Pakistan boycott as dooming Bonn Conference
Can you sue over a bad book review?
John Hinckley, Reagan shooter, wants more time outside hospital
Home prices fall back to 2003 levels
The dangers of doing business in the suburbs
NLRB vote: Republicans furious over 'microwave' organizing for unions
Vladimir Putin's 'managed democracy' faces key test in Russia
Home sales contracts highest in a year
Bobby Valentine to take Red Sox reins
British embassy attack exposes tensions outside – and inside – Iran
Indonesia rakes in the gold at the Southeast Asian Games
Early Egypt election results show the Muslim Brotherhood is rolling (VIDEO)
On Burma (Myanmar) visit, Hillary Clinton highlights North Korea determination
First lawsuit filed by new accuser in Penn State child sex abuse scandal
Are banks to blame for climate change?
Warren Buffett buys local paper. His gutsiest move?
Opinion A 'New START' to an arms race between the US and Russia?
Leadership: For this non-profit organization, leaving was leading
Lifting horse slaughter ban: Why PETA says it's a good idea
Bestselling books the week of 12/1/11, according to IndieBound*
7 children's picture books we think you'll really like
Buying used books vs. trading by mail: Which is cheaper?
Roast chicken with root vegetables
'Femicide' in Guatemala: Does the concept obscure more than it illuminates?
If Mark Twain were alive today, he'd be reading this on an iPad
In nationwide strike, British trade union workers protest pension reform
How tiny worms could help us colonize Mars
Could Ecuador be seeing the rise of a new rebel insurgency?
Former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo extradited to Hague (VIDEO)
Should Congress extend the payroll tax holiday?
After war in Iraq, Biden heralds new era of US involvement
In Arizona, families can get photos with Santa – and an AK-47
Central banks ease liquidity. Did they avert meltdown?
Ginger White: Is Herman Cain's accuser credible?
George Harrison's sister Louise plans a book about the Beatles
Delhi's oases of green
Green cars rule Tokyo Motor Show, but eyes turns to China
Mark Twain: 10 reasons we love him
Progress Watch US sees renaissance in energy efficiency, led by Congress and big business
Good Reads: Why British diplomats consider Tehran a 'hardship post'
Home prices down from last year
Sahel Blog: European police deploy to the Sahel
What China sees in Clinton's visit to Burma (Myanmar)
Opinion After Black Friday, Cyber Monday – the best holiday deals? Clean out your closet.
Reflections on Congo's elections
Why Pakistan pulled the BBC from airwaves
Ginger White gives another TV interview, Herman Cain undeterred
Prayer: a source of help for Thailand
Historic Myanmar trip for Hillary Clinton: Enough focus on human rights? (video)
Britain shuts down its embassy in Iran
Why Mark Twain would be booted from Facebook
Occupy LA: Police dismantle LA, Philadelphia camps. Is Occupy Boston next?
What's the danger for a country leaving the Eurozone?
Monkshood: Beautiful, blue, and long-blooming
Barney Frank exit may signal the end of glory days for Mass. Democrats