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Monitor Articles for November 29, 2011

AMR shareholders take massive hit, but experts see a less volatile future
Restoring the basic bargain between the rich and the rest
Rising child poverty rates could be a 'taste' of what's ahead
Stocks gain modestly on consumer confidence
Dunder Mifflin: 'Office' paper now real. Can it top these fiction-to-fact products?
iPhone explodes midflight, emits 'dense smoke'
Why corporate growth no longer means job growth
AMR: What does Chapter 11 bankruptcy mean for American Airlines fliers?
Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, White House shooting suspect, found competent
Tea party activists audited by city. Would that happen to Occupy protesters?
Pakistan border strike: For NATO and US, 'sorry' is the hardest word (video)
Climate change: 2011 temperatures the hottest ever during La Nina
European Court: Internet providers can't be forced to monitor users
Black Friday: Small firms saw big bounce, too
Leadership: At Cheezburger Network, users take the lead
Herman Cain 'reassessment': What will his voters do if he drops out?
Putin's next marquee moment: Russia's presidency
It's time to stop squabbling about the Bush tax cuts
Iranian protesters storm British embassy compounds in Tehran
'Propofol madness': Conrad Murray gets 4 years for Michael Jackson death
Durban climate change talks: Experts see warmer world as inevitable
Syracuse chancellor backs Jim Boeheim
Palestinian cooks know that pizazz doesn't always mean better food
Monitor Breakfast Be careful how you talk about illegal immigration, GOP official says (VIDEO)
A Missouri five-and-dime holds its own with novelties
How Sheriff Joe Arpaio helps (and hurts) Rick Perry on illegal immigration
Mark Twain quotes: 10 favorites on his birthday
Amid Egypt's election, Tahrir Square stays relevant (VIDEO)
Euro stocks rise, thanks in part to American shoppers
Way cleared for horse slaughter to resume in US after 5-year ban
The Monitor's View Clinton trip to Burma: a contest to define power in Asia
New home sales climb in October
Monitor Breakfast GOP's 2012 prediction: We'll lose some House seats, but not many (VIDEO)
Health insurance costs: Will new tax subsidies help?
Spicy Greek turkey pie
5 invasive species now in retreat
A brief history of Congo's wars
Lagos, Nigeria: A possible model for urban Africa
Apple iTV? Kinect TV? Get ready for a living-room brawl.
Iran attack on UK embassy: 5 high profile embassy breaches
Black Friday boom: Perfect start to promising holiday shopping season?
Pakistan cuts supply lines, but US has options
Squid robot: Gumby-like robot squeezes through tight spaces (VIDEO)
Progress Watch Hurt by war in Iraq, a Baghdad museum reemerges
Lions DT Ndamukong Suh suspended two games for Thanksgiving stomp (video)
With much fanfare, Venezuela's first batch of repatriated gold comes home
Computers as furnaces?
Herman Cain: Is his political career kaput?
Conrad Murray, Jackson doc, to learn punishment for death
Egyptian elections stir disquiet in Israel
Why does Mars Curiosity rover have a laser raygun?
Afghanistan's Bonn Conference: 4 things you need to know
Pakistan and US offer different versions of border post attack
Opinion Road to recovery in Afghanistan goes through the countryside
Women entrepreneurs in Ghana help ignite an economy boom
Moss rocks
Peace Corps withdraw abruptly from Kazakhstan
Who's who in Egypt's election
Malcolm X: A side rarely seen
Absent a super committee, now who'll lean on Congress to cut US deficit?
Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik legally insane, say experts
Opinion Occupy movement must get support from Millennial Generation to survive
4 excellent adventure books for young readers
Facebook IPO: a $10 billion offering?
Venezuela nabs Colombian cartel leader Maximiliano Bonilla, a.k.a. 'Valenciano'
American Airlines parent AMR Corp. seeks Ch. 11 protection
Syracuse sex scandal: Head coach Jim Boeheim to break his silence Tuesday
Workers worse off during Obama administration
Laptops: Seagate boosts speed with hybrid drive
Leadership: A constructive rebel bucks hierarchy
Good Reads: What really happened at the bombed out Pakistani military post?
Sirhan Sirhan: Lawyers for RFK assassin allege new forensic evidence
British embassy compounds in Iran attacked by protesters
Newt Gingrich targets 'sancturary' cities for illegal immigrants
What makes a successful leader?
Ginger White: Her phone bill has 61 calls or texts from Herman Cain (video)
Chevy Volt battery fires prompt probe
Afghan endgame: Pakistan boycotts key peace meeting
What will happen to China as Burma (Myanmar) gets closer with Vietnam, US?
'Swag' joins waste, fraud, and abuse
Hazing may have played role in death at FAMU