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Monitor Articles for November 28, 2011

iPhone temporarily bests Android, at least in the UK
NBA labor deal: Did it fix the league's biggest problem?
The climate news is bad, but prospects for climate talks may be worse
Herman Cain accuser: We called or texted 61 times in four months
Judge rejects SEC deal with 'recidivist' Citigroup, calls fine 'pocket change'
For Herman Cain, allegation of 'extended' affair comes as campaign fades
Cyber Monday deals: Sears and Macy's show big deals aren't just at Amazon.
Holiday shopping online: How to avoid the '12 cyber scams of Christmas'
After NATO strike, can US-Pakistan relations be patched up one more time? (VIDEO)
Free speech covers tweets: Gov. Sam Brownback apologizes to Kansas teen
Bank bailout in US offers roadmap for crisis in Europe
What's hot among Cyber Monday deals: Walmart, Amazon, and beyond
After endorsement, does Newt Gingrich still have a New Hampshire problem?
The Monitor's View Euro debt crisis needs spotlight of truth in Greece
Cyber Monday deals: Does your boss know what you're doing right now?
As Egypt votes, eyes on the presidency (VIDEO)
Congo election: Voters in the Kivu provinces worry about Congo after Kabila
Occupy LA eviction deadline passes, and protesters file suit to stay put (VIDEO)
In Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, residents see experiment with autonomy as 'illusion'
Congo elections mostly peaceful, but fraught with problems
NASA launches most sophisticated rover yet to Mars
5 great books about friendship for tween readers
Supreme Court refuses to resolve confusion over child pornography law
Eat more kale: A David vs. Golaith fight with Chick-fil-A?
Forex trading: Euro lifts, Italian bond yields ease
For many Egyptian voters, finally an election that matters
Best Buy a winner in holiday sales weekend
'The Muppets' is a charming, sweet movie for all ages
Cyber Monday deals can disappear fast. But some $299 laptops are still around. (VIDEO)
Why is Rep. Barney Frank retiring? (VIDEO)
Top four ways Congo's instability affects the world
Lessons from Egypt's sometimes ugly electoral history (video)
Emily Dickinson birthday bash in Tucson
Supreme Court declines to clarify gun rights question
Burma sanctions should be model for Cuba embargo
Opinion Morocco elections aren't a model for the Arab Spring as West claims
Meatless Monday: Rustic spinach salad with roasted red pepper
Mitt Romney portrayed as flip flopper in new DNC ads (video)
Cover Story Leadership: The myth of the maverick
Kansas teen won't apologize for her tweet about Gov. Sam Brownback
Former Polish first lady Danuta Walesa felt isolated, left to raise children alone
Anne Teschner brings Shakespeare, Plato, and high academic goals to teen mothers
Denise Mina: how the literary female detective has changed
As Egypt votes, a surprising calm. But real test still to come
Barney Frank to retire after three decades
Global Viewpoint Fukushima fallout: time to quit nuclear power altogether
Iceland blocks Chinese businessman from buying land
Should the US adopt a 'Colombia standard' of success in Afghanistan?
Retirement question: In college. Working. How do I save for retirement?
Egyptians cast vote of confidence for military-run elections
With Union Leader endorsement, can Newt Gingrich catch Mitt Romney?
Daikon radishes in the garden and in the kitchen
What to watch for in Congolese elections
Stocks in Europe rise sharply as policy action looms
Difference Maker Shalini Madaras, who lost a son in Iraq, overcame grief by helping women vets
Europe debt crisis: Germany denies 'elite' plan
Good Reads: When to shelve 'Arab Spring' jargon, and China's 'little emperors'
Creativity: Can we lose it?
Pakistan scoffs at US apologies after NATO strike
Why so much is at stake as Congo goes to polls
Occupy LA eviction put on hold, but for how long?
Finding Fernanda
Cyber Monday deals 2011: six tips to nab them
Readers Write: US in wrong conversation on taxes; loopholes widen income gap
Monitor Breakfast Husain Haqqani: US, Pakistan "understand how much they need each other"