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Monitor Articles for November 25, 2011

CIA arrests in Iran? Allegations point to smoldering covert war with US.
Black Friday online deals lure shoppers to make it a cyber Black Friday
So far, Black Friday seems to be bustling. Is the economy improving?
Mars science lab 'Curiosity' to launch 'extraterrestrial real-estate appraisal'
Pepper spray and violence mar Black Friday bargain hunting
Washington holiday season begins with arrival of White House Christmas tree
Egypt protesters not impressed with new PM
US turns up pressure on Egypt's military, urges transfer to civilian rule
Huntsman's comment spurs debate in China
Syria refuses Arab League monitors, sanctions loom
Top Picks: Guitar lessons from James Taylor, Keira Knightley voices Tinkerbell, and more
Real tax reform: flat-tax simplicity with a progressive twist
Opinion Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift sing a new message of girl power
Thanksgiving grilled cheese sandwich
The Bible in my life