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Monitor Articles for November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Parade features new monkey, brings back Sonic
Occupy Wall Street: Can filmmaking website unify the movement?
Illinois utility targeted by cybersaboteurs? US pours water on the idea.
Newt Gingrich: Does he have a path to the GOP nomination?
A cornucopia of myths: Five things you thought you knew about Thanksgiving
150 cars on Penn. Turnpike get stuck in goo. Who will pay?
On Thanksgiving, space station astronauts don't have to watch their weight
Thanksgiving now a Black Friday 'prequel'? Big deals begin Thursday.
Thanksgiving Google doodle turkey lays 12 Easter eggs
A Dangerous Method: movie review
The Artist: movie review
US to Egypt: Stick to election plan, even if it favors Islamist parties
Bankruptcy protection: Harrisburg awaits decision
Belt-whipping Texas judge suspended: Sign of shift on corporal punishment?
My Week With Marilyn: movie review
Thanksgiving travel: Top 3 ways to spot delays
Bahrain commission issues brutal critique of Arab Spring crackdown
Pepper spray explanation doesn't wash with UC Davis students
Martin Scorsese's 3-D 'Hugo': movie review
Russian president Dmitry Medvedev keeps US missile defense shield in sight
How NASA's Curiosity Mars rover could help future searches for life
Mitt Romney TV ad: Serving a dishonest Obama quote?
In debate, Romney says handle Pakistan like Indonesia in the 1960s
Could Occupy Wall Street protesters be sued for Black Friday tactic?
Latin America prominent in Republican presidential debate on foreign policy
Russia finds its lost Mars probe, but can mission be salvaged?
Urgency grows in divided Libya, says Jibril
Postal Service: Bankruptcy looms? Hike rates. Again.
Japan's anti-nuclear protesters find the going tough, despite Fukushima disaster
In Pakistan, downturn in major Taliban attacks brings cautious optimism
Football rivals like Alabama-Auburn can learn from tree tragedy
In debate, Romney, Perry warn of Islamist terrorists in Latin America. Are they right?
Black Friday 2011: You can get deep discounts ... on that?
US hardens its line against Egypt military
Yemen's President Saleh agrees to step down
Supercommittee triggers automatic budget cuts. What now?
Thanksgiving Quiz: There's more to it than just knowing how to cook a turkey
Did Ron Paul win GOP's national security debate?
Newt Gingrich in the media crosshairs
Thanksgiving dinner: Why is it more expensive?
Opinion Black Friday 2011: Consumers aren't lacking in confidence. They lack cash.
Penn State football players given favorable treatment, ex-official says
Natalie Wood witness says she heard 'Help me, I'm drowning'
Thanksgiving recipe round-up
Thanksgiving Day proclamation: Its curious link to 'Mary Had a Little Lamb'
In Africa, producing food from waste
Pakistan appoints new ambassador to US
South Korea approves free trade agreement with US despite deep divisions
What's next for Egypt?
Thanksgiving turkeys get presidential pardon (video)
Sandusky hearing delayed in Penn State child sex abuse case
'Easy like Sunday morning'
J. R. Martinez, Army vet, wins Dancing With the Stars (video)
'Humane' immigration policy: Is Newt Gingrich the next Rick Perry? (video)
Iran nuclear stand-off: Why the war drumbeat has died down
Markets tumble on China manufacturing data
Jeffrey Eugenides talks about 'The Marriage Plot' and pokes fun at literary theorists
Verbal Energy Are we really good with this? Well, no.
Michele Bachmann shares her life story with voters in 'Core of Conviction'
Black Friday 2011 deals: How about 20 percent off a new car?
Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman
Reader recommendation: Aftermath
Alone, but not lonely, on Thanksgiving