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Monitor Articles for November 22, 2011

GOP debate: all but Ron Paul want Patriot Act extended
Obama visits New Hampshire, but is the state swinging against him?
Can 'lone wolf' terror suspect claim entrapment? It will be hard to prove.
Cider-braised turkey drumsticks and thighs
Time to take back the First Amendment
Stocks slide on lowered economic growth estimate
Mars rover gets 'engine' upgrade: Curiosity fueled by nuclear power
No pumpkin? Try sweet potato pie
International community makes last-ditch attempt to save Russian space probe
Toss the Egyptian transition plan out the window
Payroll tax break: Keep it going, says Obama
Who said that? Match the Republican candidates with the quotes.
Child pornography: Former elementary-school prinicipal gets 30 years
The economy has changed. Expect hopes and dreams to follow.
Beyond translation
Hacked 'Climategate' emails 'truly pathetic,' says climate scientist
Pakistani ambassador's 'memo-gate': Did the military win?
Kenya's Somalia operation hits at humanitarian aid
Chocolate pecan pie
Turkish trial of journalists raises human rights concerns
Russia's failed Phobos-Grunt probe was supposed to be a comeback
South Africa's assembly passes 'secrecy bill,' stirring journalists' fears
Tahrir Square: Expanding protests force concessions from Egypt's military
Pentagon 'doomsday'? Or are super committee failure fears overblown?
Khmer Rouge No. 2 gives insight to his role in Cambodia's 'killing fields'
The difference between OWS and Vietnam
Tuesday's GOP debate: Will it be the best one yet?
The Monitor's View Penn State football needs a time out
After five months in space, ISS astronauts land in Kazakhstan
China: Economic woes no excuse for climate change inaction
A look into the future? Obama and Romney battle in New Hampshire.
Why Penguin is worried about the role of Amazon's Kindle in libraries
Economy grows slowly in the third quarter
Michelle Obama booed. Has that happened to first ladies before?
Opinion GPS tracking: Supreme Court must protect Americans from Orwellian control
Why Iran sanctions are pushing up oil prices
Fewer plan to shop on Black Friday 2011, survey finds. What do they know?
Opinion German economic model – American style
Is the EPA really a 'jobs killer'?
GOP debate: Will Newt Gingrich widen lead over Mitt Romney?
In remote eastern Congo, consensus is that upcoming election won't be fair
Smartphones, even Droid RAZR, for 1 cent? Is Amazon crazy?
For Cubans, new property rights – and the return of an old anxiety
5 stories about Regis Philbin
UC Davis students put up new encampment
Congo election delay becoming more likely
China promises clean energy access: US envoy
6 of history's forgotten stories
Turkish prime minister tells Syria's Assad to step down
Discrepancies in Nicaragua election results highlight importance of election observers
Mother of bomb plot suspect Jose Pimentel apologizes to NYers
US response to Tahrir Square crackdown angers Egyptians (VIDEO)
Meet the world's first crowd sourced investment bank
Bush tax cuts debate helped to doom super committee effort
'Encore entrepreneurs': Older Americans start businesses with social impact
South Korea's Yeonpyeong Island one year after North Korea's attack
Oil futures hit $98 a barrel ahead of reports
Super committee rests in pieces: A briefing page
Good Reads: So Western nations have failed to cut spending. What's next?
Occupy Wall Street, tea party: Do we join in?
Russia blasts latest sanctions against Iran nuclear program
Are energy-efficient light bulbs really worth it?
Roasted Brussels sprouts with walnuts and figs
Reader recommendation: The First Tycoon