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Monitor Articles for November 19, 2011

Health care costs high? Massachusetts should step in.
NBA lockout? Obama gets all-stars to play.
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – what's new?
UC Davis pepper spray, smear tactics: 'Occupy' protests face rougher response
Which tax increases would hurt job growth the least?
Airline travel: life in first class is getting cushier (but not back in steerage)
Green bean or sweet potato: Battle of the casserole dishes
Harsh crackdown in Tahrir ahead of Egypt's elections
Occupy protests spread to US college campuses
Five days left: Would failure by budget super committee matter?
Cover Story Gratitude: a healthy recipe for Thanksgiving
Charity 2.0? Silicon Valley reinvents philanthropy.
How to kick-start gratitude – on Thanksgiving and year round
Plymouth Rock: more than a homely boulder
ECRI index weakens slightly
Newt Gingrich pushes back against critics
As the debt crisis drags on, more questions
Qaddafi heir Seif al-Islam captured in Libya
Firefighters aided by easing winds in Reno fire
Progress Watch Kenya finds cleaner government is just a keystroke away
Kenya's new chief justice pushes reform of courts
How to save on wedding favors
A goat is a chef's best friend