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Monitor Articles for November 14, 2011

Occupy Oakland prevented from re-establishing encampments by police
Chelsea Clinton to work for NBC while earning doctorate at Oxford
Amazon Kindle Fire review roundup
iTunes Match goes live, better late than never
Occupy Oakland loses its encampment. Is it in a downward spiral?
How much impact does regulation actually have on jobs?
From 'blast boxers' to Golden-i: Five military gadgets that could change war
Ten days left: Is deficit 'super committee' feeling heat of public opinion?
Why Americans are choosing to study abroad in record numbers
What if economists ran nations?
Foreign students storm the US: Five facts about who they are
Stocks slip as Italy's borrowing costs jump
10 pieces of wisdom from Mindy Kaling
Norway terrorist admits to summer camp massacre of 77 people
Penn State: If Joe Paterno hasn't been charged, why did he hire a lawyer?
Gloria Cain: Can her 'stand by your man' moment make a difference?
My top 5 lessons from hard times
Both Dems, GOP pleased: Supreme Court taking up Obama health-care law
The Monitor's View ‘Safe seats’ stifle democracy
GOP polls: Newt Gingrich surges as Cain slips. Is he the real anti-Romney?
'Waterboarding is torture,' says Obama
Mexico's PRI retakes Michoacán, eyes presidency
In New Delhi, a woman's place is in the mosque
Does the stock market upswing mean anything?
Warren Buffett snags 5 percent of IBM stock
Sudan, South Sudan trade blame for deteriorating security
McRib is gone. Seven variations you can make at home.
Tensions high with Congo's election on horizon
Senegal's President Wade nervous about reelection prospects
In flooded Bangkok, a little bit of water can't stop business
Consumer confidence down since September
Riot police clear Occupy Oakland encampment [Video]
'Breaking Dawn' director Bill Condon says he's looking forward to fan reaction
Did Israel assassinate Iran's 'missile king'?
Neo-Nazi cell shines light on far-right extremism in Germany
Is Congress picking stocks with insider information? (video)
Supreme Court to rule on Obama health-care law
Mexican bloggers' 'Twitter Manifesto' calls for protection from drug cartel violence
Chelsea Clinton takes a higher public profile, joining NBC News
Ford's Theatre, citing errors, refuses to carry Bill O'Reilly's 'Killing Lincoln'
Can Mario Monti fulfill promise to 'redeem Italy' as prime minister?
Justin Timberlake keeps date with Marine combat instructor (video)
Get ready for a passionless presidential race
Supreme Court agrees to settle fight over Obama health-care law
Why is Warren Buffet loading up on IBM stock?
Chinua Achebe rejects an honor from Nigeria
Readers Write: US can't be mideast broker, Can't blame economy on overpaid labor
Advertisers bail on Penn State college football TV ads
Good Reads: GOP hopefuls debate new foreign policy. But easier debated than done?
Two decades after Anita Hill: how workplaces are handling sexual harassment
Opinion Hispanics would not flock to Marco Rubio as a vice presidential pick
Walter Rodgers Romney's dangerous ploy on foreign policy: Obama is weak on security
Norway gunman Breivik makes first appearance since twin terror attacks (video)
Are increasing Chinese wages good for the US?
Occupy Oakland: Police move to clear plaza in Oakland
Brazilian troops' occupation of Rio de Janeiro slum: a media circus?
Suicide bomber tests Afghan security at loya jirga meeting
Gloria Cain says Herman Cain 'totally respects' women (video)
The evolution of sexual harassment awareness
Difference Maker Khaldun Bshara has dodged bullets to preserve Palestinians' heritage
Libya militias clash in longest sustained fighting since Qaddafi's fall
Claiming our rights
Lessons from America's surprising No. 1 bike town
Meatless Monday: Roasted vegetable and goat cheese quiche
A Train in Winter: An Extraordinary Story of Women, Friendship, and Resistance in Occupied France
Reader recommendation: Paul Revere and the World He Lived In
Monitor Breakfast Pollsters: "Walmart moms" feel disconnected, frustrated with Washington