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Monitor Articles for November 11, 2011

Amazon Kindle Fire could break tablet sales records
Does Alabama bankruptcy signal a municipal bond meltdown?
Obama seeks to reassure Asia of US interest
Newt Gingrich: Will his mini-surge in the polls last?
Stocks surge on debt moves for Greece, Italy
Penn State scandal: Students raise funds for child abuse victims
Mexican Interior Minister Blake Mora killed in helicopter crash
Failed Russian space mission shows difficulty of exploring Mars
Veteran's Day: why 22 percent of young vets are unemployed
The Monitor's Weekly News Quiz for Nov. 6-11, 2011
Zynga stock: CEO wants workers to give up shares
Consumer sentiment improves; still lower than last year
Adam Sandler goes drag for Jack and Jill: movie review
The Conquest: movie review
Kirsten Dunst and Kiefer Sutherland in Melancholia: movie review
After his debate gaffe, Rick Perry goes into full spin mode
Municipal bankruptcy in Alabama: Will other local governments follow suit?
N.H. primary: candidates still vying for the 'anti-Romney' slot
Forget Perry's gaffe; worry about his economic agenda
Veterans Day ravioli: Is that a real tradition?
Penn State scandal: Why are Penn State students rallying for Joe Paterno?
Veterans Day: Monitor Facebook fans sound off
Veterans Day: How colleges are easing leap from war zone to classroom
Ravioli caprese
Peonies: For gorgeous flowers in spring, plant in fall
iCow: Kenyans now manage their herds via mobile phone
Municipal bankruptcy in Alabama largest in US history
Why students really aren't choosing science majors
Tiger Woods leads Australian Open: Is the Tiger back?
Stranger than fiction: 'Elite Squad 2' opens as politician who inspired movie flees Rio
Stocks rebound on European progress
Veterans Day: Why America chose November 11
Veterans Day: How much do you know about America's heroes?
Penn State scandal: Assistant coach won't be at Saturday's game
Syria should be suspended from Arab League: Human rights report
Is US failing to respond to reform in Cuba?
Herman Cain leads GOP race in new poll, pulls in $9 million since Oct. 1
Top Picks: Final Harry Potter movie released on DVD, Woody Allen documentary, Beach Boys album and more
Good Reads: On Veteran's Day, families of fallen US soldiers fight for truth, adopt foreign puppies
Split the EU? Europe debt crisis pushes idea into the open.
Veterans Day: America's wartime vets, by the numbers
A (mostly) bark-free bestseller list
What is a short sale? Five things you need to know.
How much home-brewed coffee really saves
Opinion Veterans Day: I may not have the right bumper sticker, but I'm still patriotic
The Doors: A Lifetime of Listening to Five Mean Years
Reader recommendation: The Wandering Falcon
Skyrim review roundup: The best Elder Scrolls yet?
Apple iOS 5.0.1 update seems to improve iPhone's battery life
30-year mortgage rate under 4 percent. Again.