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Monitor Articles for November 10, 2011

Penn State riot: If university can't fire Joe Paterno, is something wrong?
Sergeant seen as 'kill team' leader found guilty in Afghanistan atrocities
Are markets finally heading in the right direction?
Star factories: distant dwarf galaxies caught amid star-making frenzy
Keystone XL pipeline delayed: Does that help Obama?
What the Keystone XL pipeline would mean for the US
A deficit supercommittee progress report
Five key awards in the GOP 'Oops' debate
Health care law: Ruling gives Obama another important win
Opinion Forget Kim Kardashian: My own story of bank
Nixon secret Watergate testimony shed no light on tape gap to US jury
Make-believe among the docks
The View Inside The Window
Deficit cuts should be triggered only when unemployment reaches five percent
The Monitor's View Disgrace at Penn State
Walmart Black Friday 2011: ad kicks off early holiday shopping frenzy
Were bailouts a bad idea? Alabama bankruptcy could provide test case.
Fannie Mae asks taxpayers for another bailout
Rick Perry 'oops' debate moment: Has it done him in?
Iran vows to counter US or Israeli strike with 'iron fist'
In Penn State child sex abuse case, lessons for universities far and wide
The best options for small business financing
Turkey earthquake: Tear gas used on protesters after second quake
For Bahrain's soccer team, shades of Saddam Hussein's Iraq
South Korea shuts down for the all-or-nothing Korean SAT
Small-business owners tell Occupy Wall Street: You're hurting the 99 percent.
James Murdoch: No, we're not a mafia. Yes, the Sun may close.
A turning point for debt super committee? Tax revenues on the table.
Is Russia's malfunctioning Martian moon probe dangerous? [VIDEO]
Amazon is hit by fallout from the Penn State sex scandal
Why Cain's accusers, under scrutiny, may seek strength in numbers
Can Rick Perry cash in on his debate gaffe?
Las Vegas no longer No. 1 in foreclosures. Can it last?
Egypt's future? A democracy -- sort of
Washington Nationals player Wilson Ramos abducted in Venezuela
Another rhino species gone, one in four mammal species at risk, report finds
Tomato chutney
2 of the best novels of 2011
John Hughes The Iran pot bubbles. Will it cook Obama?
Rick Perry says his campaign won't end
10 magnificent "places to see before you die"
Roots and resilience
Verbal Energy The wages of typos – in pounds and pence
Bering Sea storm lashes Alaska coast (video)
Ally bank considers throwing mortgage unit into bankruptcy
Sarkozy-Netanyahu 'liar' flap: An attempt to smooth ties
Greece debt crisis: Who is Lucas Papademos?
Penn State sacks Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier; students protest
Mitt Romney sails through GOP debate on economy; Rick Perry flounders (video)
China, Russia resist US push for stiffer Iran nuclear sanctions (video)
Penn State riot: Students react to Joe Paterno firing
Europe debt crisis: 3 reasons why China won't help out
Eurozone crisis: 3 reasons why China might help bail out Europe
Steve Jobs interview: Lost video in theaters
A veteran reflects on God's care
Internet access: Discount for poor families with kids
Dishwashers vs. hand-washing: Which is cheaper?
Opinion Herman Cain sexual allegations: a reminder for women to speak up