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Monitor Articles for October 7, 2011

Steve Wozniak recalls his friend, Steve Jobs
Tony Parker earns minimum wage in Europe for a good reason
What did Conrad Murray tell police after Michael Jackson's death?
The philanthropy of Steve Jobs
Draconid meteor shower: Don't let daylight or nearly full moon stop you
Illinois train explosion: How safe are ethanol tankers?
Showdown in California over medical marijuana, as feds crack down
'King' Harry? GOP fury as Reid rewrites how the Senate works.
Millionaire tax: Smart politics, awful policy
Stocks fall, ending 3-day gains streak
Can the Obama administration stop Alabama's immigration law?
If jobs report is positive, why is Wall Street so gloomy?
Mitt Romney's hawkish foreign policy plan: A substitute for experience?
The Monitor's Weekly News Quiz for Oct. 2-7, 2011
Global Viewpoint China can meet US, Europe where their interests converge
58,000 new jobs added in September. Yay?
Jorge Posada, Yankees face tough offseason after playoff elimination
Diane Cilento: an Oscar-nominated Australian actress, has died
Dinara Safina retires from tennis
iPhone 4S pre-order: What to know before you buy
Post oil: Glimpses of life after fossil fuel
Post oil: Solar roads, air-powered cars, human-powered iPhones
Mexico's Zeta Killers kill 32, revive debate about the 'good-guy cartel'
Why we need to get smarter about energy
'The Simpsons' season 24 would most likely be the last
Long-term unemployment worsens
The Monitor's View Why women deserve more Nobel Peace Prizes
Sudan Army misses deadline to withdraw from Abyei
A South African visa for the Dalai Lama? Not as simple as it sounds.
US gains 103,000 jobs: Is risk of a new recession fading?
Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez in 'The Way': movie review
To Be Heard: movie review
George Clooney in 'The Ides of March': movie review
Roasted sausage with tomatoes and onions
Total unemployment up in September
As gang violence hits El Salvador, a new wave of disappearances
Restaurateur provides a waystation for North Korean defectors
Zambia gets its first white vice president since independence in 1964
Charles Napier remembered for facial expressions in tough guy roles
As Afghan war hits 10-year mark, falling land prices signal fear over future
Opinion Introverted talent in America, buried by the 'influence score'
Opinion Steve Jobs and his art of simplicity
Hugh Jackman in 'Real Steel': movie review
New solution to European debt crisis: refinancing Europe's banks?
Interview with David Margolick: How a photo spawned a history of its own
Election 101: Five basics about 'super PACs' and 2012 campaign money
One of 'Cuban Five' spies to walk free today in Florida
Is the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement being hijacked by newcomers?
Nobel Peace Prize highlights role of women in achieving peace, democracy
Resolve in the Middle East
Marco Rubio for vice president? He says no, and for good reason.
Good Reads: America's longest war, in Afghanistan, and Liberia's Nobel Laureate
Cloud computing: Oracle joins in to catch rivals
The Simpsons may be cancelled after 23 years