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Monitor Articles for October 24, 2011

Michael Jackson: Defense of Dr. Conrad Murray stumbles at the start
How Occupy Wall Street is testing the next US president
Everything you need to know about Perry's flat tax
Herman Cain: How the recent Web buzz fits this year's GOP pattern.
Secrets are safe as WikiLeaks, starved of funds, halts operations
Turkey earthquake: Digging out from quake, fears of more casualties
Hurricane Rina ramping up quickly in the Caribbean
Home Affordable Refinance Program: A lifeline to 'underwater' borrowers?
The flat tax fraud
Stocks reach highest level since August
Obama looks to bypass Congress with help for homeowners, students
Turkey earthquake: Why the country is such a hot spot for seismic activity
Michele Norris steps down from NPR as husband joins Obama team
World Series thrills, gains viewers. Are you missing out?
Despite Qaddafi's death, the landscape looks ominous in the Sahel
What Rick Perry told Parade, exactly, about Obama birth certificate
Turkey earthquake: Turks weep as rescue and recovery efforts continue
The rise of the eco-concierge
What are Kenya's long-term goals in Somalia?
Michele Bachmann: Did her national staff bungle the N.H. campaign?
Confederate license plate bid in Texas: How should Rick Perry respond?
The Monitor's View Moral blind spots in Obama mortgage refinancing scheme
'Once Upon a Time' stars discuss the show's darker twist on famous fairy tales
Steve Jobs biography on track to be 2011 bestseller
Pork without a pig? Meat from a lab could be the answer.
Small business and the importance of paperwork
Condoleezza Rice discusses Bush White House tensions in new book
Mysterious children's book gets new stories from a star-studded cast of authors
Top 5 targets of Occupy Wall Street
Deepest ocean trench home to race of giant amoebas
Groupon IPO: Why the company lost half of its expected value
McRib: Elusive sandwich makes a McComeback
Where are the innovators? Here in Africa.
Bulgarians vote for stability, rejecting the far right
Turkey earthquake: WTA expresses condolences over quake
Surprise recall of US ambassador to Syria spurred by threats
Difference Maker Gary White's goal: bring clean water to a billion people who lack it
Income inequality driven by the stock market
Unlikely kingmaker emerges in Tunisia's election
Wikilieaks says financial 'blockade' could put it out of business
Five thoughts about President Kirchner's big win in Argentina
Bangkok floodwaters threaten Thailand's economy
Farewell, Borders – lights out
Did Donald Trump turn Rick Perry into a 'birther'?
Saving US grasslands: a bid to turn back the clock on desertification
Lauren Myracle: how it felt to be dropped from National Book Awards
Pumpkin shortage for East Coast's Halloween. Nah! Really?
Meatless Monday: Pumpkin curry soup
Turkey earthquake: Four quake survivors pulled out alive (VIDEO)
Is our luck running out on oil supplies?
Buoyed by historic win, Argentina President Kirchner recommits to 'national project'
Rare score for Taiwan as local star wins LPGA tournament – at home
Is US deportation of criminals driving up Mexico border violence?
Fed bashing is back in vogue
Grenade attack shows risks of Kenya's Somalia war coming home
Herman Cain: What did he say about abortion?
Opinion Will voters kick out all incumbents in 2012?
'Occupy' protests, and what occupies thought
Israel frets over Gilad Shalit deal as national euphoria fades
Stock futures mixed ahead of earnings
Europe debt crisis: Some fixes will take years
In Other Worlds: SF and the Human Imagination
Reader recommendation: The Help
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of October 24, 2011