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Monitor Articles for October 23, 2011

Turkey earthquake: 7.2 quake is the worst in a decade (video)
Cheap family dinner: Wisconsin farmhouse chowder
On liberation day, Libyans flock to see Qaddafi – for proof, closure
Does Mitt Romney have the GOP presidential nomination wrapped up?
Handling life's crossroads
Tunisia election: Smiles, pride as historic day goes smoothly
Groupon IPO: An Internet star falls to Earth
401(k) limit raised for pension plans
Albert Pujols swings for the fences – and for the ages
Turkey earthquake: 7.2 earthquake flattens buildings in eastern Turkey
US warns of 'imminent' terror threat in Kenya as Al Shabab promises 'open war'
Perry's flat tax: What to watch out for
Tunisian elections set to empower Islamists. How moderate will they be?