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Monitor Articles for October 21, 2011

Marco Rubio may have embellished family history
Avocado thief: No jail, but unusual sentence
FDIC closes four banks. Annual total: 84 so far.
Tim Tebow: ticket-booster ... for the Dolphins?
How a daring band of anti-Qaddafi activists helped turn the tide in Tripoli
Climate study, funded in part by conservative group, confirms global warming
Michele Bachmann faces reports of a New Hampshire revolt. Is the end near?
Mary Blair: Why she was 'Walt Disney's favorite artist'
Ron Paul ad blitz: Will it work?
Stocks rise sharply on big corporate earnings
Can Libya really be a 'model' for future US military action?
The Monitor's weekly news quiz for Oct.17-21, 2011
ACLU: FBI guilty of 'industrial scale' racial profiling
Iraq withdrawal: With US troops set to exit, 9-year war draws to close
First abortion, now 9-9-9. Is Herman Cain waffling?
Tax reform is essential, inevitable, and impossible
Is Sunday's European debt crisis summit sunk before it even starts?
Senate vote: first step toward dismantling No Child Left Behind
'Paranormal Activity 3' inventively uses new tricks to scare moviegoers
Amazon offers trade-in program for Kindles, iPads
How the militant ETA lost support among Basques
Five things you need to know about 'the cloud'
Health care benefits: Wal-Mart scales back
Qaddafi death gives NATO its 'mission accomplished' moment in Libya
The Monitor's View Patience won in Libya. How about in Afghanistan?
How Mary Blair brought synesthesia to the big screen
"Sybil" authenticity questioned in new book
How flat will Rick Perry's flat tax be?
'Misery index' in decline
Total Iraq troop withdrawal before 2012 announced by Obama
'Stimulus 2.0'? Senate rejects bid to revive parts of Obama jobs bill.
40 percent of financial advisers support Occupy Wall Street
Tunisia elections face unexpected obstacle: youth apathy
Steve Jobs to Obama: 'You're headed for a one-term presidency'
Six ways the rich really do get richer
With Qaddafi's death, world attention turns to Syria
Madoff widow writes about life inside Bernie Madoff's family – before and after the scandal
Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey: movie review
Oranges and Sunshine: movie review
New optimism in Cuba about economic reforms, Freedom House study reveals
Margin Call: movie review
Martha Marcy May Marlene: movie review
Six Picks: 'The Cosby Show,' CD tribute to John Lennon, and more
Latin American police get 'citizen friendly' to fight bad reputation
Racecar driving: even 100 years ago, excitement outweighed the danger
Behind Qaddafi's death: demographics?
Clinton says US expects Pakistan to act against Haqqani network
Opinion Take your money and run
Taxes: Flat isnt always simple and vice versa
San Francisco earthquake: Second quake jolts Bay Area
Mary Blair: How she changed Disney forever
Exotic animals ban: Will ban be revived after Zaneville, Ohio tragedy?
Is Mexico's economy really driving down illegal immigration to the US?
Opinion Qaddafi's death proves that Obama was right
Chinese toddler Yue Yue dies but morality debate lives on
Libyans cheer Qaddafi's death, but difficulties ahead may be sobering
Spicy chorizo, pumpkin, and black bean chili
Thailand's worst floods in decades reach Bangkok as political fallout mounts
Instant forgiveness?
Five lessons from the 1986 Tax Reform Act
Android Ice Cream Sandwich: As tasty as we hoped?
Reader recommendation: The Churchills
San Francisco earthquake: second quake hits almost exactly 22 years after quake of '89