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Monitor Articles for October 18, 2011

Social Security recipients see 3.5 percent raise
Presidential debate turns into Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Republicans
Carson Palmer acquired by Raiders after refusing to play for Bengals
FDA chemist pleads guilty to scam involving pharmaceutical stocks
Where is Apple headed after Steve Jobs? Apple CEO offers his vision.
Occupy Wall Street braces for Nor'easter: Hunker down or flee?
Mitt Romney's secret weapon: Iowa caucuses could go his way
Republican debates have lots of viewers, but no answers
Is Herman Cain helping the GOP win the Hispanic vote?
Global warming a threat to polar bears? Judge orders review of US rule.
Finally – a Booker Prize win for Julian Barnes
Stocks rise on hopes for progress in Europe
GOP Debate: Does height matter in presidential politics?
Where is Herman Cain's campaign money coming from?
Greece: Huge protests loom over austerity
Trick of the treat: the way to Tucker's heart
Student loan debt: 'Occupy' movement's weakest talking point
Tracks of Autumn
Verbal Energy Calling it a day in the 24/7 workplace
Susan Sarandon calls pope a Nazi, offends large segments of humanity
Tile hunters
Bilingual and struggling
BlackBerry BBX platform introduced by RIM
With Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange finished, attention turns to security
Fighting between Boko Haram Islamists and Nigerian security rages on
Droid RAZR set for November release
The Monitor's View Obama's push to quell a nuclear North Korea
IndyCar fans, officials mourn Dan Wheldon, search for answers
Gilad Shalit deal boosts Hamas in West Bank as Fatah clings to support
Teleprompter used by Barack Obama stolen, recovered
Europe can improve upon US's 'conflict minerals' legislation: ICG
Halloween spending: not so spooky this year
Why Republicans want to save parts of the Obama jobs bill
Occupy Wall Street movement intrigues, confounds the tea party
Annual PPI: Wholesale prices rose in September
Gold falls; still a good investment
Bestselling books the week of 10/20/11, according to IndieBound*
Amid BRICS' rise and 'Arab Spring', a new global order forms
October unemployment rate to fall below 9 percent, predicts Gallup
Hillary Clinton arrives in Libya for an American victory lap
Round 8 of GOP debates: Candidates look to land punch on Herman Cain
Ron Paul: Are the media really still ignoring him?
Herman Cain sings 'Imagine there's no pizza' (video)
Private sector vs public sector: A study in pizza
Chinese yuan's new global challenge to the dollar
What does the Gilad Shalit deal really mean?
Opinion US must engage Yemen's real power-brokers
Colombia sighs relief at release of kidnapped girl
A Voice in the Box: My Life in Radio
Reader recommendation: The Sugar King of Havana
Creme brulee with dragon fruit pearls
China: toddler run over twice. Why did no one stop to help?
Chile calls up almost 57,000 students to fill shortfall in military's ranks
Grace Potter, of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, promotes fair trade
Lubbock dust storm: 8,000 feet high rolls through Texas (VIDEO)
AARP's offensive new ad campaign
To fight hunger, donate 'Just One Can'
GOP debate: What to watch for from Herman Cain and Mitt Romney
Opinion Why is it OK to to be prejudiced against Mormons?
Why Occupy Wall Street and Democratic pols aren't exactly pals
BP settlement: Anadarko adds $4 billion to pay spill claims
Drug violence in Mexico drives 'narco-refugees' into US
Moody's: France could lose AAA rating
Why Jon Huntsman will boycott the GOP debate tonight
With Gilad Shalit prisoner swap done, Israelis and Palestinians debate its impact
Fear and the economy
Gilad Shalit freedom marks a milestone. Now lift the Gaza blockade, says Hamas.
Rethinking your hobbies