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Monitor Articles for October 14, 2011

Foreclosures remain high as Calif. home prices drop
iPad 3 is entering production, primed for early 2012 release: report
Government suspends home-care provision of health-care reform law
What's next for Skype?
Appeals court curtails Alabama immigration law, for now
Dow turns positive for 2011
Herman Cain 9-9-9 sticker shock? 18% sales tax possible in some states.
LRA leader Joseph Kony: Why Obama sent US troops to Uganda to get him
The Monitor's Weekly News Quiz for Oct. 10-14, 2011
Cities fret over democracy's costs as 'Occupy Wall Street' stretches on
Taylor Swift donates thousands of books to Pennsylvania library
Rick Perry jobs plan: Make rest of America more like Texas
In a Hard Wind
999 Plan: A 'distributional nightmare'
Why California's reeling economy still has a 'golden' lining
Cinema Eye's finalists for best 2012 nonfiction film
Obama raises $70 million. Is that a lot?
What's new in the GOP jobs plan?
iPhone sales: Did Steve Jobs's death drive record iPhone sales?
The geography of DOE loans
Gap closings: Gap to close 189 US stores; sets sights on China
'The Thing' remake is a little too close to the original but still entertaining
Gap closing: Five stores that are poised to fill in the Gap
The Skin I Live In: movie review
Duran Duran fans spend hard
Germany sees public bookshelves spring up all over the country
Julianne Hough stars in 'Footloose' remake: movie review
Alabama immigration law blocked by federal appeals court
Deficit 'super committee' flooded with ideas. Will any of them work?
Dominique Strauss-Kahn's French accuser releases book
When dogma overtakes discussion
Political hair apparents. It's a head game!
The world can feed itself without ruining the planet, study says
Literature's Nobel Prize and the case – or not – for insularity
Braised lamb with juniper berries
Former Iran assassin says alleged plot 'makes no sense'
Catching up on Congo elections
The Monitor's View Go easy on free trade as top security concern
South Korean men learn how to be married men
'Drill, baby, drill': Rick Perry's answer to '9-9-9' tax plan?
Life in an 'Occupy Wall Street' camp: thermal undies and Porta-Potty please
Anti-Wall Street protest: Big clash averted for now (video)
Oka!: movie review
Sirleaf leads Liberian presidential vote, but a second round looms
Where is Yemen headed as Saleh tries to reassert power?
Solyndra: Did Energy Department break the law?
What an e-reader can't give you
Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, and Jack Black star in 'The Big Year': movie review
Verizon starts tracking (and sharing) phone activity
Saudi Arabia refrains from fingering Iran in alleged assassination plot
European men losing jobs faster than women
Iranian oil sales, foreign exchange taking a hit from US, UN sanctions
Obama campaign raises $70m as Republicans spar
Iran assassination plot: Four attacks that have been blamed on Iran
Opinion Where have all the people gone?
Whitney Houston refuses to buckle up on Delta flight (video)
Steve Wozniak waits like everyone else for iPhone4S
Insider trading: What's the fallout of Rajaratnam sentence?
So the boss has to evaluate you?
Uncovering the hidden story of Jonestown
Why a corporate tax holiday is still a bad idea
Die Hard 5 will be ‘A Good Day to Die Hard,' McClane ready to pass the torch?
Oman's elections bring hopes, doubts of institutional change
Silvio Berlusconi barely survives confidence vote in Italian parliament
Opinion Relief in California over federal crackdown on medical marijuana
Rumors of vice rattle China's Shaolin monastery and the home of kung fu
UN warns of civil war as Syrian Army deaths climb
Cuba wrap-up: US fugitives, prisoner swaps, and a spike in illegal immigration
Herman Cain: Who came up with the 999 plan?
Can 'Occupy Wall Street' really get money out of politics?
What deters illegal immigrant border crossings into the US? Violence in Mexico.
Good Reads: Innovation and survival as seen through caveman cosmetics factory, post-Jobs Apple
Saving money through baby food
3 stand-out 2011 novels by award-winning writers
Reader recommendation: The Wisdom of Wilderness
BlackBerry users have been 'let down,' RIM exec says