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Monitor Articles for October 12, 2011

Sony freezes 93,000 accounts after latest security breach
Bringing broadband to 18 million more Americans
The story behind Steve Jobs's black turtleneck
For Art Clokey's birthday, five great stop-motion shorts
With guilty plea, underwear bomber cuts short intriguing terror trial
New images of protoplanet Vesta reveal mountain bigger than Everest
Why Topeka, Kan., repealed its ban on domestic violence
What Occupy Wall Street is really about
Can right to privacy bar a strip search in jail? Supreme Court hears case.
5 non-fiction 2011 National Book Award finalists
Stocks rise on hopes for solving European crisis
5 National Book Award 2011 fiction finalists
Theo Epstein to exchange toxic Red Sox for 'cursed' Cubs
Is 9-9-9 enough to keep Herman Cain a GOP front-runner?
Amazon will publish fantasy and sci-fi, Penny Marshall memoir
The seven biggest economic lies
Egypt's military denies any responsibility in deaths of 17 Christians
iOS 5 and iPhone 4S review roundup
Blackberry outages reach US and Canada Wednesday (video)
Mortgage rates inch upward
Why Congress is now ready to OK three long-stalled trade agreements
A year after joyous miner rescue, Chile struggles with conflict
The Monitor's View Fed crackdown on California medical marijuana: Does Obama mean it?
Japanese writer Haruki Murakami's prescient fiction
Fast and Furious scandal results in subpoena for Attorney General Holder
10 tell-alls by children with famous parents
Assassination plot: New twist in Iran's secret war with US?
$1M not equal to $250K
European Union: Kosovo stands between Serbia and EU membership
Used-car salesman as Iran proxy? Why assassination plot doesn't add up for experts.
Revulsion over Nigeria rape video shows power of social media
Does the Herman Cain 9-9-9 tax plan have a fatal flaw?
Top 9 ways Internet access can save you money
Five highlights from the GOP debate in New Hampshire
Plan B on Obama jobs bill is to take it up piecemeal. What will fly?
Taiwan's defensive 'patent bank'
Opinion Hey America, Iran still isn't threat No. 1
Liberia election: Voting went smoothly, but how about the results?
Volcker rule gets SEC backing
Why political activism isn't working in Afghanistan
Lee Child on Jack Reacher, Tom Cruise, and 'The Affair'
Gilad Shalit: Why does he matter so much?
Art Clokey: How Gumby got his name
Apple bacon coffee cake
The tragedy of Solyndra
Foiled Iran assassination plot underlines US-Mexico cooperation
The mouse that roared: How tiny Slovakia could prolong Europe's massive debt crisis
Gilad Shalit prisoner swap: Why Netanyahu agreed to 1,000 Palestinians for one Israeli
Occupy Wall Street: Can it ever match tea party clout?
United Auto Workers, Chrysler tentatively agree on new deal
What China wants from Putin
Good Reads: an Iranian plot to kill Saudi ambassador, and smooth Liberian elections
What's Iran up to in Latin America? Alleged assassination plot deepens concerns.
Iran casts assassination plot as US attempt to distract from 'Occupy Wall Street'
Opinion Congress finally gets it: Free trade is good for America
George Mukhobe is Mr. Baseball to kids in East Africa
Clean energy falls short so far
Was New Zealand prepared for its worst oil spill?
GOP presidential debate fallout: Is Mitt Romney becoming inevitable?
China to US on currency bill: I wouldn't do that if I were you
Iranian plot: International media dig for an explanation
Fill the tank
Social media drive Occupy Wall Street. Do they also divulge its secrets?
Credit-card cash back: Discover, Amazon team up
Senate slap of China a sign that patience is wearing thin on trade
Alpine strawberries: Perfect in foliage and in fruit
The Swerve: How the World Became Modern
Reader recommendation: Young Miles
'World War Z' prop guns confiscated, able to fire live ammunition
President Obama jobs bill fails to pass Senate