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Monitor Articles for January 5, 2011

Ted Williams: A homeless man with a golden voice gets a new chance
House Speaker John Boehner casts himself as a political throwback
A Daley for a White House job? Critics lash out at 'Chicago Machine.'
USS Enterprise video: An opportunity to reform the Pentagon?
Monitor Breakfast Howard Dean says Ronald Reagan had no accomplishments 'for the ages'
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo talks 'change' but not budget cuts
See how a video game outsold the top movie, book, and DVD
Ambassador Oliver Stone? Sean Penn? Hugo Chávez offers up his wish list.
Bestselling books the week of 1/6/2011, according to IndieBound*
Reader recommendation: Carnage and Culture
How well do you know Sarah Palin? A quiz.
Bond prices fall as job outlook rises
Rights groups denounce proposed bills to remove 'birthright citizenship'
What China wants in exchange for spending big in Europe
Afghanistan looks to Pakistan for help with Taliban
TV's Web revolution sizzles at CES 2011: Can your cable company survive?
Egypt's Copts: A closer look at Coptic Christianity
How well do you know 'Harry Potter'? Take our quiz.
First blackbirds in Arkansas. Now jackdaws drop in Sweden. A common cause?
Food safety law: Six ways it will make food safer
Why do development efforts continue to fail?
The Monitor's View Floods can help Australia rise toward adaptation to climate change
Opinion The winter of Kim Jong-il's discontent
Monitor Breakfast Howard Dean: tea party is 'last gasp' of generation that fears diversity
Record-breaking job creation in December, reports ADP
Opinion Where are all the federal judges? Why 90 empty seats threaten American justice
Speaker John Boehner: Now the hard part begins
Are you smarter than an atheist? A religious quiz
The can-do mayor of Kabul: Some see a model for a modern Afghanistan politician
Japan's population ages: Will it put its elderly back to work?
J-20 stealth fighter photos: Did China leak them intentionally?
Mystery bird deaths: Blame it on harsh winter, fireworks, or 'avicide'?
North Korea tests limits of South Korea, Japan cooperation
Press Secretary Robert Gibbs leaving White House, sort of
Monitor Breakfast Howard Dean blasts White House for treating liberals with 'contempt'
Reduce your cable bill
What Salman Taseer's assassination could mean for Pakistan
2011 predictions: Chest thumping but no action on taxes, spending, deficit
Legends, lore, and almanacs predict weather for 2011
West Point graduates: Why our best officers are leaving early
The 'n'-word gone from Huck Finn – what would Mark Twain say?
African Union says diplomatic options remain in Ivory Coast
Want a new car in Beijing? Sorry, there's just too much traffic.
Tax filing season approaches: Develop a robust filing system to prepare
No more sacred cows, Congress: Put everything on the budget-cuts table
The scoop on what really occurs at swearing-in for new members of Congress
GM cars: Good December sales can't make up for poor 2010
Huck Finn: Controversy over removing the 'N word' from Mark Twain novel
Be a healer ... wherever you are
US, South Korea want to push bilateral talks with North
Tax filing: IRS extends deadline to April 18
Suicide of Iran Shah's son, Alireza Pahlavi, caps life of sorrow in exile
The Making of a Writer, Volume 2
Reader recommendation: Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand
Australia still reeling from floods, braces for more
GOP controls House: will 'party of no' become 'party of results?'