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Monitor Articles for January 31, 2011

Opinion US message to Arab world matters -- and Obama is sending the wrong one
Health care reform struck down by judge
Stuxnet virus penetrates nuclear plant, may cause Chernobyl-like disaster
Severe weather from Chicago to Boston as monster storm arrives
White House vows to implement health care reform, despite judge’s ruling
'The King's Speech': For some critics, factual disputes get in the way
Illinois governor signs civil-unions bill – is gay marriage next?
Can the tea party survive success?
Verizon vs. AT&T vs. Sprint vs. T-Mobile: Who's best in your city?
Jerry Brown's State of the State: Whom does he need to impress most?
Cairo protesters distrustful as opposition groups jockey
Judge declares Obama health-care law 'void' in its entirety
Winter storms zap city budgets. Will FEMA help with snow plowing costs?
How history might really be made in Egypt
Super Bowl recipe: Packers vs. Steelers chili
Energy stocks are climbing
As Germany rises, Europeans begin to rethink their unity project
The Monitor's View In Egypt and Tunisia, the rise of the Islamists?
Egypt protests: People to watch
Hillary Clinton presses Haiti's René Préval to break election stalemate
Why Tunisia's winds of change aren't blowing south to sub-Saharan Africa
DIY Taco Bell: more actual beef for less actual money
Difference Maker Turning Bolivian street beggars into proud performers
Top 10 You-can’t-write-this-stuff moments from the NFL season
Twin bills, from father and son
Northern Sudan's protests sparked by Egypt and Tunisia, but will they have the same effect?
Albania's untold story
Mark Zuckerberg joins Jesse Eisenberg on SNL
Egypt protests: Did Jimmy Carter just throw Obama under the bus?
Android now world's most popular phone OS
US consulate employee kills two in Pakistan: What we know
As South Sudan clears another milestone for independence, its capital booms
Consumer spending hits four-year high thanks to holiday splurge
Michele Bachmann, Rand Paul, and 8 others shaking up the new Congress
3D TV from Nintendo? No, it's better: 3D gaming with no glasses.
Is Turkey bracing for a crisis?
Gabrielle Giffords: Husband to decide on space shuttle mission next month
NBCC nominees: the best 5 nonfiction books of 2010
Science helps the world, even if it's done in China
iPhone camera can be improved dramatically by apps
Opinion Obama must back Egypt's regime, or face a disaster like US did in Iran
John Boehner disses Obama's golf game on Fox News
Global Viewpoint Could uprisings in Egypt and the Arab world produce a 'Muslim Gandhi'?
Fannie Mae reports slower decline of seriously delinquent loans
Egypt airport: More than 2,400 Americans trying to flee Egypt
Should the markets be worried about Egypt?
Opinion Protests in Egypt: the real reason for Obama's two-handed game
Egypt's Hosni Mubarak: following missteps of ousted Tunisian leader?
Tax preparation: Get help for free
Sudan sees Egypt-inspired protests in the North, jubilation on referendum in the South
Can Kindle Singles revolutionize reading?
China censors coverage of Egypt protests on the web
White iPhone camera problems confirmed, Steve Wozniak loves Android
Hosni Mubarak names new cabinet, but his future is in military hands
White bean escarole soup with turkey meatballs
How to grow sprouts
Forget fair-trade, buy from sweatshops
Burma (Myanmar) opens parliament but junta retains strong grip
Shinmoedake volcano eruption prompts 1,000 Japanese to seek shelter
'Where is my mind?'
North Korea: where a hat is not just a hat
John Hughes Protests in Egypt -- and other apocalyptic changes -- could reset Obama’s agenda
Gulag Voices
Reader recommendation: The Hummingbird’s Daughter