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Monitor Articles for January 21, 2011

Sasha Obama spoke Chinese to who?
Crocodile cell phone accident sends croc to the doc
Plants' global warming dilemma: climb to escape heat or stoop for water?
Defending Jared Lee Loughner: Will an insanity plea work?
Gas prices rise: Is Obama to blame?
Every Day: movie review
Dhobi Ghat (Mumbai Diaries): movie review
Traffic jam: The 10 most congested cities in America
Women serving in combat: US panel to recommend ban be lifted.
China-US summit: Which country gained the most?
Boeing layoffs hit California – again
250 million entrepreneurs and counting
Obama launches new push for US jobs, tapping GE's Immelt to help
Use of extrajudicial rendition in Uganda terror case sparks controversy
Gold is to China as paper currency is to US
Four hot-button issues Republicans will target next
ICC case highlights divide between political elite and Kenyans hungry for change
Scientists discover that amoebas have developed rudimentary agriculture
Super Bowl 2011: Test your Green Bay Packers knowledge
Chicago Bears: 'Monsters of the Midway' defense ready for Packers
NFC Championship: Test your Chicago Bears knowledge
Mexican prosecutors duped in drug war by YouTube hoax
The Monitor's View A bipartisan recipe for American competitiveness
The Pentalobe screws saga: How Apple locked up your iPhone 4
No Strings Attached: movie review
In Jordan, Islamists try to spin popular protests into political uprising
Adapting to natural disaster risk: the case of Brazil's flood
Google Offers: Can Google out-coupon Groupon?
David Cameron's spin doctor Andy Coulson quits over phone hacking scandal
The Way Back: movie review
5 great mystery books for children
Osama Bin Laden demands France withdraw from Afghanistan
South Korea delivers setback to Somali pirates, and a warning to North Korea
Obama and Mideast peace: Time ripe to push again for breakthrough?
2012 presidential election starts this weekend. Really?
Paul the Octopus gets own memorial
iPhone on Verizon: Big trouble for Android?
Democracy comes in waves, and Tunisia's 'jasmine revolution' may be the Arabs' turn
Deals of the week: Shutterfly, Sherwin-Williams, Parents magazine
Can children learn money management? Yes!
Is China's bubble close to popping?
Big spending cuts vs. tax reform: Can Congress do both?
The change in regional mood after Tunisia
Secrets to a Successful Blog: Content
Global Viewpoint The Tunisian revolt: Where have all the Islamists gone?
Afghanistan poppy production could skyrocket due to spike in prices, drought
China's playing catch-up
What Mick Jagger knows about making money in music
Noir City: the best books behind the great noir films
Iran nuclear talks: What's on the table, what's at stake
Celery pear bisque
Reader recommendation: Journey of a Thousand Miles
Opinion What does President Obama really believe?
Iceland is no role model
Opinion The tea party will fail -- unless it fully embraces individualism as a moral ideal
Somali pirates lose battle to South Korean commandos, but who's winning war?
Hold on tight and let Love lead
Arby's goes on sale causing Wendy's shares to rise