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Monitor Articles for January 20, 2011

Campaign finance ruling: Should Supreme Court justices have recused themselves?
Vandenberg rocket: largest American rocket blasted off today on West Coast
In a NASA first, NanoSail-D spacecraft to set sail on the sunlight
An embarrassed France backpedals from its support of Tunisia's Ben Ali
Hu Jintao bristles: Back off on Tibet and Taiwan
Step toward peace? South Korea agrees to talk with North Korea.
Tunisia's old guard continues to wither as protesters demand clean slate
Mafia arrests: Four of the most famous mob busts in history
Heading off a wave of Middle East protest with flame-retardant underwear
FBI's biggest-ever mob bust shows where Mafia still holds sway
"Molotov's Magic Lantern: Travels in Russian History": an interview with author Rachel Polonsky
Israel concerned about possible fallout from Lebanon government split
Can entrepreneurship save Pakistan?
Larry Page, Google co-founder, will be CEO after surprise shake-up
Karzai visits Moscow as Russia eyes greater role in Afghanistan
5 arresting true crime books
Barbicambarus simmonsi: New giant crayfish species discovered, and it's really big
The winners and losers of corporate tax reform
Is Kinect coming to Windows?
Print newspapers face competition in Liberia, too – from a chalkboard
How the Afghanistan war became tangled in India vs. Pakistan rivalry
Tilapia grilled cheese sandwich
Obama’s job approval rebounds in latest polls, but can it last?
Hu faces critics in Congress, economic pressures back in China
iOS 4.3: Top three new features hidden in the iPad beta
Can Obama, Congress meet minds to revamp No Child Left Behind?
Lance Armstrong on wonder drug? FDA says Armstrong may have had access.
Monitor Breakfast Q&A with former DNC Chairman Howard Dean
Russian Orthodox Church calls for dress code, says miniskirts cause 'madness'
Davis Love III picked as US Ryder Cup captain
The Monitor's View Smarten up college students before adding more graduates
JFK's 1961 inaugural address: The text
Liberians, once refugees themselves, aid those fleeing Ivory Coast
How will Australian farmers respond to droughts and floods?
Debate over health care repeal: five gauges of House civility
Karbala and the surge of Iraq attacks
The Fed has no clothes?
Mafia arrests nab more than 120 in the Northeast
Sudan referendum votes reveal landslide support for independence
Home sales jump 12 percent, reach six-month high
More unexpected guests? Exiled ex-president Aristide eyes return to Haiti
Can you listen to five voices at once?
Start an automatic savings plan
Opinion Before Republicans start budget-slashing, take a lesson from Bolivia
Opinion European debt crisis: Does Obama get how serious this is?
Facebook = high school reunion, Twitter = digital kindergarten
John F. Kennedy inaugural address: How good was it?
John Hughes It's time to expand the UN Security Council. But who gets a seat?
Anne Hathaway to be sixth Catwoman in 'The Dark Knight Rises'
“O”: Who wrote this book?
Vegan curried parsnip soup
Haiti, New York, and learned helplessness
Hezbollah ministers' resignations prompt boost in Lebanon security
5 reasons why Haiti's Jean-Claude Duvalier is infamous
As Chinese President Hu traveled to Washington, Taiwan tested missiles
Watch your words
When China's Hu Jintao speaks on human rights, check his definition of the term
Tunisia ministers quit ruling party, political prisoners freed
3 good books for January reading