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Monitor Articles for January 19, 2011

House votes to repeal health-care reform: What happens now?
Tucson mayor touts his 'civility accord' as antidote for partisan vitriol
Corporate 'personal privacy'? Case watched for any hint of Supreme Court bias.
Comcast-NBC Universal deal: Can company now crush its rivals?
Scientists investigate intergalactic space blob: What is it?
With Hu, Obama more direct about US expectations of China
Pentagon seeks answers to why suicides doubled in National Guard and Reserve
Gardena High shooting raises question: How to keep guns out of school?
School shootings: In Nebraska, a proposal to arm teachers
Stuxnet cyberattack: Does new WikiLeaks cable shed light on who did it?
State budget woes: How much will they drag down US economy?
Roger Ebert ready for launch of new PBS movie show
Does Sarah Palin know where Tea Party rhetoric comes from? asks guest blogger Dane Stangler
In town at center of Tunisia uprising, 23 years of repressed emotions burst forth
China-US summit: Will Beijing follow through on economic pledges?
The great discount you've used – but never heard of
Supreme Court: NASA's intrusive background checks OK
The Monitor's View Spike in world food prices: It's more than bad weather
How 5 revolutions got their names
In Gaza, building houses with the sand
Edgar Allan Poe anniversary quiz
Lance Armstrong doping? Sports Illustrated takes a fresh look.
Why 'Baby Doc' Jean-Claude Duvalier returned to Haiti: 5 theories
Joe Lieberman announces the end of his complex political career
Can 'naming and shaming' bring an end to Congo's conflict mineral mining?
Mortgage rates: QE2 isn't working
Paul Cézanne logo kicks off Doodle 4 Google student competition
Congo's Kabila revises Constitution: presidential candidates now only need a plurality
Nintendo 3DS primed for March release
Edgar Award nominees: 5 mystery novels you don't want to miss
Tax forms will not be mailed out this year, says IRS
President Obama to China: Let us sell you stuff!
9,400-year-old dog found, earliest found in Americas
Can Toyota innovate its way out of the Prius's rare earth element problem?
Opinion To keep youth vote, Democrats should repeal Obamacare
Paul Cézanne tribute: chocolate ginger cake with simmered oranges
The outsource trend: It's not just call centers in India anymore
Karzai worried about electoral fraud... really?
Pre-existing conditions at forefront of White House's response to health care repeal
Goldman Sachs earnings fall 53 percent in fourth quarter
Renegade Ivory Coast leader Gbagbo won't pay off debts, say opponents
To ease investment jitters, Medvedev allies float Khordorkovsky release
So, how much money have you saved?
Paul Cézanne: The man behind today's Google doodle
Tiger Woods set to start 2011 season in San Diego
Pakistan earthquake hits Afghan Taliban haven
Osso buco (veal shanks) with gremolata
AQIM, kidnapping, and murder: a brief history
Australian Open 2011: Venus Williams, Roger Federer both struggle to win
Brace yourself: The 2.0's are coming!
Opinion Surprise: The NRA has actually lost influence on gun control
Opinion Creationists have gotten clever, but there's still no debate over evolution
"Millennium" mystery: Will there be a fourth Stieg Larsson novel – or not?
How strong are charges against Haiti's Jean-Claude Duvalier? Very, say experts.
Bernanke and the pension crisis
Bestselling books the week of 1/20/11, according to IndieBound*
Morning roundup: Iraq, Tunisia, and the Arab soul
Iraq's security forces targeted in two attacks
What? No retirement?
The Quiet World: Saving Alaska’s Wilderness Kingdom, 1879-1960
Reader recommendation: Long Walk to Freedom
Smartphone plans cut back on unlimited data
Eric Staal and Nicklas Lidstrom named NHL All-Star captains
California superstorm could destroy up to a quarter of homes in the state