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Monitor Articles for January 18, 2011

Health-care reform: How Democrats plan to crash House GOP's repeal party
Global warming: Impact of receding snow and ice surprises scientists
How did gun in 'accidental' Gardena High School shooting get by security?
Headlining in Chicago: Bill Clinton, stumping for Rahm Emanuel
Without Steve Jobs, can Apple's 'very strong bench' step up?
From the archives: An interview with Sargent Shriver
Comcast wins OK to buy NBC
Supreme Court declines appeal for Guantánamo detainee once ordered free
Sarah Palin: Center of the GOP universe?
Don Kirshner, record producer, was the 'man with the golden ear'
Major earthquake hits Pakistan early Wednesday morning
West Africa Rising: World Bank predicts more rapid growth
Just when I wanted to hate ... Biology
Want a Verizon iPhone, but stuck with something else? Here's $200.
Angry Birds cartoon on the way
Monitor Breakfast Video: GOP's wall of support for Afghanistan war beginning to crack
Hu Jintao in America: 7 questions about the Chinese president's visit
After ousting Tunisian leader, protesters struggle to find their own
Australia's flood aftermath on par with New Orleans
The Monitor's View US and China summit: The clash of currencies
The new 'misery index' ticked up in November
Monitor Breakfast Video: New GOP moderate faces tea party revolt: Sen. Richard Lugar
Mexico's drug war hits YouTube (again) as cartel boss photos go viral
Democrat Kent Conrad says he'll retire: big opportunity for GOP in Senate
Reich: Gabrielle Giffords 'tougher than nails'
Supreme Court declines appeal of D.C. gay marriage law
Haiti's 'Baby Doc' Duvalier detained for questioning in dramatic morning
Good egg or bad? A German tech firm gives shoppers the answer.
Rafik Hariri: Lebanon on edge as UN warns against indictment speculation
Zorrilla not a cross between a zebra and a gorilla, unfortunately
Zenyatta horse of the year selection as is thoroughly deserved
TSA looks to expedite screening for air cargo on US-bound passenger planes
From Katrina to snowmageddon: lessons government should learn
Winter mess socks Northeast, more snow storms 'stacked' behind it
Monitor Breakfast VIDEO: Senator Lugar asks: 'Who's in charge' of the Chinese military?
Tunisia: Not a Jasmine Revolution, not a twitter revolution but an....
Health care reform repeal: Does GOP really mean it?
Chinese expansion into Africa – at the micro level
China's Hu Jintao's visit: South Korea is worried Obama will cave on North Korea talks
Rafael Nadal foe has close-up view of the best
A wave of Arab revolt after Tunisia?
Groupon India launch: online marketer attempts to reach offline nation
Fuel efficiency: How to maximize yours
Opinion Barrier to better health care: Republican definition of freedom
Opinion Do you have a 'right' to a job, home, or health care?
Sherlock Holmes: He's back!
As Ivory Coast stalemate worsens, so do the chances of military intervention
South Sudan's leader, channeling Mandela, calls for forgiveness for north
My favorite chart on Earth
Steve Jobs takes second medical leave. Will Apple wobble?
Hariri tribunal launches legal case, prompting protests in Lebanon
Global Viewpoint Could Tunisia be a tipping point for the Arab world?
A million foreclosed homes – with bad vibes
Where is retirement headed? The story differs with each retiree.
Turkey meatballs in tomato sauce
What kinds of societies create wealth? What kinds destroy it?
Tunisian events likely to spark wider Arab reforms, but not revolutions
Debt limit will get raised. But who'll vote to do it?
Stock prices: Europe rallies on debt-crisis optimism
Tunisian protests and Egyptian self-immolations
China's President Hu Jintao goes to Washington
My Father at 100: A Memoir
Reader recommendation: The Death and Life of the Great American School System
Out of disaster in Australia: a new sense of community