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Monitor Articles for January 14, 2011

The US military is fighting to build... Afghan business culture?
Events in Tunisia bear out Hillary Clinton's warning to Arab world
After Tucson shootings, Sarah Palin isn't retreating, she's reloading
Will Gov. Jerry Brown's California budget run into legal roadblock?
New 'Green Hornet' has no buzz. Are minor league superheroes striking out?
Tunisian protesters notch historic victory, but face uncertain future
How Tucson kept Westboro Baptist Church protests out of town
Rabbit Hole: movie review
The dog that never was
My lost daughter
Barney's Version: movie review
The games sisters play
A dance legend goes shoe shopping
NJ Gov. Chris Christie wants to end teacher tenure – and he's not alone
Even with Brazil flooding expected to continue, many remain in perilous areas
Michael Steele out as Republican Party chair; Reince Priebus elected
Egypt government bears brunt of Coptic Christian anger
Greetings readers (Hi Mom!) and apologies
Retail sales: a break from the past?
Top Picks: Easy decorating, 'Birds of the Gods,' and 'Colstrip Montana'
iTunes: Spend 99 cents, win $10,000 – with a big catch
Crowdsourcing: The art of a crowd
To win 'hearts and minds,' Brazil gives slums cable cars
Verbal Energy Higgins, Logue, and 'The King's Speech'
A Chinese menu for President Hu Jintao's visit to the US
Gates: nuclear talks possible if North Korea stops 'dangerous provocations'
An Arab popular revolution (well, sort of) in Tunisia
Tunisia: Military support for protests?
Sticking a fork in Tunisia's Ben Ali
Unlike Arizona shooting, violence against politicians rarely has Mexico mourning
New zodiac signs 2011: Can one guy just change the zodiac like that?
Fritillarias are never bothered by deer and other pests
iPad 2: Will the next Apple iPad ship without a home button?
The Monitor's View Ouster of Tunisia president: An opportunity for Arab autocrats to respond to the people
Hillary Clinton: Don't be suspicious of US-China relationship
Gabrielle Giffords shooting: Are members of Congress safe back home?
5 must-read books about Martin Luther King Jr.
Italy's Silvio Berlusconi may face greatest challenge yet with teen prostitution inquiry
Medicare home health fee? Congress eyes one.
As Sudan votes in referendum, US shows continued involvement
Bruce Reed: Another Clinton centrist joins Obama White House
Sri Lanka floods provide chance for government, Tamil reconciliation
Tunisia under state of emergency after government falls
Bid to repeal health care reform: Will Arizona tragedy alter debate?
Deals of the week: Cream of Wheat, Duracell, Ziploc
Grilled stuffed endives with vermicelli noodles
Four challengers try to unseat Michael Steele as Republican Party chair
Start a potluck circle
Opinion NFL Playoffs: If your team's out, which one should you root for?
Vince Vaughn stars in 'The Dilemma': movie review
The Green Hornet: movie review
Australia floods pose a political test not all pass
Opinion What Obama should tell China's President Hu: No, you can't
Gun control: Some action, but mostly silence in Washington after Arizona shootings
US sends ambassador to Syria for the first time in six years
Secrets to a successful blog: Aesthetics
Global Viewpoint The US is wrong about Iran. Cutting a deal is the only win-win solution.
JPM, Intel crush earnings
2011 Coretta Scott King Book awards: a look at the winners
Blame game begins in wake of deadly Brazil floods
Home foreclosures reach 1 million
Madoff settlement: Defrauded investors get $7.2 billion
Federal Reserve turns profit for taxpayers
Former nuclear inspector: China falling short on enforcing sanctions on Iran
A tribute to Martin Luther King
"Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" – is Amy Chua right?
Reader recommendation: Half the Sky
Ground Zero flag used for Arizona girl's funeral