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Monitor Articles for January 11, 2011

Heidi opossum: how Germany has fallen for a cross-eyed opossum
Elena Kagan gives first opinion as a Supreme Court Justice
Want to find a job? Nonprofit '.jobs' service seeks to revolutionize the search.
Funeral protest: Arizona rallies to foil Westboro Baptist Church
Vietnam Communists' new challenge: managing capitalism
Monitor Breakfast What Howard Dean said about the tea party and race
Planning a water garden is worth it
MySpace lays off 500 employees. Is the race against Facebook lost forever?
Congress readies new gun-control bills after Gabrielle Giffords shooting
Haiti earthquake anniversary highlights faltering aid effort
Shuttle Discovery mission is a 'go' again; NASA solves puzzle of cracks
Court paves the way for N.Y.C. to release data linking teachers, test scores
12 books on America in the face of political violence
Verizon iPhone versus AT&T iPhone: The top three differences
On Gulf Coast, nail-biting over future of domestic oil drilling
Gulf oil spill report warning: US must watch offshore drilling more closely
What's causing the Australia flooding
Verizon iPhone? Check. Sprint and T-Mobile iPhone? Maybe.
US program puts Indonesians in Yankee Stadium
Head of US Chamber of Commerce: 'cautiously optimistic' about recovery
Gabrielle Giffords shooting: Rhetoric not to blame, says the right
The clout and cover of Tom Donohue
Why Hillary Clinton made a surprise stop in Yemen
PAYGO in the House: What it means – and won't mean
Iced-in Atlanta almost completely shut down, another Arctic front coming
Global Viewpoint Why the demise of the Middle East ‘peace process’ may be a good thing
Oregon Ducks can't fly on fourth down as Auburn takes BCS national championship
The Monitor's View Can Obama cut the military in the face of a rising China?
Africa's countries are distinct entities, but their music is blending together
Responses to West Point grads
Arizona shooting: US has lots of guns, but it's not alone
Opinion After Arizona shooting, how can Congress heal the division? Break bread together.
Aid workers rush to help Ivory Coast refugees flooding into Liberia
The Samaritan's dilemma: How best to help after a natural disaster?
Verizon iPhone release date closing in fast
Haiti earthquake anniversary: the state of global disaster relief
A Haiti disaster relief worker fights cholera and despair
Inland tsunami-like flood hits Australia
Britain's austerity measures push activism - and funding - online
Reconnect with an old friend
A new novel from the author of “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter"
What would it take to remove Ivory Coast's Gbagbo?
Opinion Arizona's Sheriff Dupnik and the 'vitriol' debate: Do words matter that much?
The Southwest is parched. Would pricier water help?
Bhutto's son: Pakistanis who praise Taseer assassination are 'covert blasphemers'
Car of the year: a sign of US comeback
Iran claims it has dismantled Israeli spy ring behind nuclear scientist's death
Return of the retail trader
In support of peace
Pasta with roasted cauliflower, kale, and sardines
Don't pay and don't go
Red dwarf star systems: Promising for life, but watch the apocalyptic flares
Solar panels: China buys Norwegian unit
Arizona shooting reverberates in Congress. Can it change the culture?
Australia braces for fresh wave of flooding in Brisbane
Carnegie, Rockefeller, Edison: How they succeeded
China's human rights 'action plan' short on any action, say rights groups
Gates's China visit: Beijing confirms stealth fighter test flights
A Rope and a Prayer: A Kidnapping From Two Sides
Reader recommendation: Fool's Gold