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Monitor Articles for September 9, 2010

EPA to natural gas companies: Give details on 'fracking' chemicals
Pastor's agreement to call off 9/11 Koran burning beset by confusion
Rahm Emanuel: expected departure could lead to West Wing shakeup
Climate-change study: Today's power plants aren't the problem
Has California Supreme Court ruling 'wiped out' support for Prop. 8?
Are Senate races really tied? Why new polls may not tell whole story.
Kelsey Grammer: a bid to attract Fox News, Limbaugh audience
Devastating collisions make planets less habitable, say scientists
Trapped miners should not smoke or drink, according to NASA
T-Mobile G2 Android phone first to use evolved HSPA service
Obama's business tax cuts
Bill Clinton unwittingly stars in new anti-Brown California ad
Rising health costs: Do they change your view of health-care reform?
Iraq to pay $400 million for Saddam's mistreatment of Americans
Iran to release one of three US hikers amid pressures at home and abroad
'There is no such thing as macroeconomics.'
11 countries speaking out against Koran burning in Florida
Opinion Haiti presidential election: justice on the line
Arnold Schwarzenegger signs 'Chelsea's Law,' directed at sex offenders
Has America's government shrunk?
Could Rahm Emanuel fit in as Chicago mayor? Obama thinks so.
Bestselling books the week of 9/9/10, according to IndieBound*
Can global leaders' outcry minimize fallout from Koran burning plan?
Suicide bomber kills 17 in Russia's North Ossetia
Ballot measures 101: Will they boost voter turnout in Election 2010?
Woman reaches out to underprivileged with traditional Indian art
How American Muslims are reacting to Koran burning threat
Burger King buyer names Bernardo Hees as future CEO
The power politics behind effort to save Moscow's Khimki forest
Tom Brady not injured in auto accident, expected to play Sunday
The most important governor's race? Why top politicians are flocking to Ohio.
US Marines raid captive ship off Somalia, seize pirates
How Koran burning in Florida could play in the Muslim world
How to carry a 'Daily Action Pack'
When a Muslim holiday falls on 9/11
Opinion If Terry Jones burns the Koran, he'll also set fire to America's identity
The Monitor's View A church's Koran burning would flout US strategy on Islam
Afghanistan war: What happens when a war interpreter doesn't know the language
Kim Jong-il begins secret conference in North Korea, or does he?
Dallas tornado: Storm that killed 2 in Texas continues north
Monitor Breakfast GOP official Haley Barbour: Obama not a Muslim, but he is mysterious
Huge carnivorous hunchback dinosaur puzzles scientists
Find of the Month: Two compulsively readable books about geography
Burning Koran a 'recruitment bonanza' for Al Qaeda, Obama says
Eid ul-Fitr prompts annual, massive Indonesian exodus
It's easier to track small asteroids such as 2010 RF12 as they near Earth
UN report on Congo rapes released. Are peacekeepers bad at protecting civilians?
Mexico denies Hillary Clinton's 'insurgency' comparison
China's blind activist lawyer, Chen Guangcheng, released from prison
If a co-worker gets you down
Kelsey Grammer backs new conservative TV network
Health insurance costs to rise under health-care reform
Extend and pretend
Are you frugal or a hoarder?
Do It Anyway
Reader recommendation: Atlas, Schmatlas