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Monitor Articles for September 3, 2010

Twitter hits 145 million user mark, sees rise in mobile use
Apple Ping network slammed with spam
Jan Brewer debate gaffe: How badly will it hurt her chances?
Are US gun shops and drug users responsible for Mexico's violent drug cartels?
Why 100,000 jobs a month won't lower unemployment rate
Gulf oil spill puzzle: A giant piece begins long rise to surface
Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould: movie review
An Unfinished Film: movie review
A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop: movie review
With Dan Maes in Colorado governor race, can GOP just get along? Nope.
Want to work less but accomplish more?
'Tea party' on a roll: Can Christine O'Donnell win in Delaware?
Mosque near ground zero controversy simmers ... with media help
New Zealand earthquake: Magnitude 7.4 temblor rocks nation's South Island
Chinese satellites bump gently. Was it a military maneuver?
Despite high jobless rate, five states on job-growth spurt
Drew Barrymore and Justin Long star in 'Going the Distance'
Passing, winning, and optimization
The Monitor's View Throw this on the Labor Day grill: tax cuts for small business
House races 101: Is the Republican Party primed for a takeover?
Mideast peace talks: How can Obama push them forward?
Oprah's next book club pick: What will it be?
Hurricane Earl update: storm surges up coast toward Cape Cod
North Korea's Kim Jong-il may go public with dynastic rule
New Zealand quake registers 7.4 magnitude; no tsunami warnings
Arizona governor debate: Was Jan Brewer really that bad?
Counting the margin: Real unemployment for August 2010
At last, scientists solve the mystery of the floating octopus
Israeli-Palestinian talks: How to keep saboteurs at bay
Is Obama focused enough on the unemployment rate?
Maria Sharapova moves into US Open 3rd round, where she will meet Beatrice Capra
Ground Zero and the mosque: Do you really know Abraham's children?
In Baghdad, police chief explains why it's tough to enforce the rule of law
Mosque debate: Behind America's anxiety over Islam
Opinion Election 2010 surprise: rise of black Republicans
Indonesia volcano eruption sends villagers fleeing for the second time this week
Ben Roethlisberger has suspension reduced by NFL commissioner
In France, an Evangelical Gypsy group shakes up the immigration debate
Should all the Bush tax cuts be extended?
Mobile Phone Banking Comes to South Africa. Will It Work?
Will hurricane Earl rate in Top 10 most expensive hurricanes?
Want to turn your hobbies into cash?
Florida governor's race: Why is GOP sending well-heeled Rick Scott $2 million?
South Africa seeks value-added China investment
Annual Gypsy festival livens Serbian town
Unemployment rate up to 9.6 percent, but private sector gains jobs
Kenya could be punished for welcoming Sudan's leader
Nigeria's power industry reform needs more scrutiny
NATO airstrike killed civilians, according to Afghan president
Kabul Bank run may pose more immediate threat than Afghan Taliban
Murderesses Row: guns, gams, and glamour in 1920s Chicago
What's behind the drop in illegal immigrants in the US
Ferrari 458 Italia recalled, yes, but real news is how many owned in China
In South Sudan, clan rivalries complicate referendum
The Dow vs. the economy
'I can’t find a job in this economy!'
Migrating again
Three Stations
Reader recommendation: The Road to Daybreak
Bestselling books the week of 9/2/10, according to IndieBound*