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Monitor Articles for September 23, 2010

Starbucks prices going up, but on which drinks?
Why Whitman and Brown are deadlocked in California governor's race
The Daily Show is listening to King Abdullah. Is anyone else?
Iran's Ahmadinejad: US used 9/11 to prolong world domination
Republicans unveil Pledge to America, but where was Paul Ryan?
Teresa Lewis: the face of gender differences on death row
Why the Philippines bus hostage crisis isn't over for President Aquino
Opinion UN report on Rwanda genocide threatens stability in Central Africa
Aafia Siddiqui, alleged Al Qaeda associate, gets 86-year sentence
What's wrong with Facebook?
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps: movie review
Verizon iPhone? Not yet, Verizon CEO says.
The peculiar dinosaurs of Laramidia: weird horns and more
Enough avoiding and evading taxes: time for a flat tax
Banned Books Week 2010: Which books drew the most fire last year?
Why French unions don't want to wait until 62 to retire
Texting caused total 'distracted driving' deaths to rise, study finds
9 states ban cellphone use while driving. Is yours on the list?
'Corporate social responsibility': a wobbly concept
Florida ban on gay adoption unconstitutional, court rules
Sweet autumn clematis: a fragrant, fall-blooming charmer of a vine
Bestselling books the week of 9/23/10, according to IndieBound*
Forbes 400 list: Bill Gates still richest American
Blockbuster fizzles in US, but renters overseas haven't switched to Netflix – yet
Wind energy capacity in UK now greater than rest of the world combined
Obama tax plan: Who gets hit?
Cyber Command chief suggests Pentagon networks are vulnerable
Typhoon Fanapi kills 54 in China; dozens missing
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's top 5 quotes to the UN, 2005-2009
Colum McCann wins the first annual Medici Book Club Prize
Opinion To better Afghanistan, boot the contractors
The American public and homegrown terrorism: See something, say something
Kosmoceratops richardsoni: New dinosaur adorned with bony bells and whistles
GOP's Pledge to America laced with 'tea party' slogans
Similac recall 2010: Can't reach the firm? Help on the way.
Obama, at UN, urges nations to support Middle East peace drive
Why Krugman is wrong about foreign housing bubbles
More reports of Rwandan troops deploying to Congo
Bill Clinton tells Obama: 'Embrace people's anger, then make your case'
While Ahmadinejad speaks at UN, hiker Sarah Shourd appears on Oprah
The Monitor's View Obama's new tack on global poverty
Russia's Putin says he wants peaceful division of Arctic
Harvest moon on fall equinox won't be seen again until 2029
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: A man who favors cheap windbreakers, sensible shoes, and 9/11 conspiracy theories
Mark Zuckerberg makes massive donation to Newark schools
Why Russia is cutting off major arms sales to Iran
Bentley recall announced to replace potentially dangerous hood ornament
Homemade gift series #1: Vanilla extract
Why Democrats are trying again on campaign finance reform
Amanda Knox sings the Beatles, attracts Hollywood's eye, preps for appeal
Teresa Lewis execution plan draws protest worldwide
Niger kidnappings show Al Qaeda group getting bolder
Colombia troops kill top FARC rebel leader 'Mono Jojoy'
Stephen Colbert: What will he say in congressional testimony?
Commonwealth Games: India scrambling to quell outrage
Obama's missed opportunity: What should he have said?
Mixed messages from Obama, Petraeus on Afghanistan pullout
What will Christine O'Donnell say next? Stephen Colbert has the answer.
At UN, elites mull Millennium Development Goals. Did the poor weigh in?
Small business owners: ignored, frustrated, and afraid
7 most controversial UN speeches, from Ahmadinejad to Khrushchev
"A Pledge to America": the latest in a long line of political protest pamphlets
Formula recall: What to do if Similac is on your shelf
How a minor China-Japan fishing dispute blew into a diplomatic hurricane
NPR's Michele Norris on her family's hidden history
Bad eggs and free market capitalism
Tom Dart will run for Chicago mayor, as race begins to take shape
Dodo egg claim disputed in South Africa
Bankruptcy protection filed by Blockbuster
Whom should you trust?
On homemade gifts
Why independents prefer Republicans, a new poll
UN's Gaza flotilla probe finds Israeli soldiers committed 'willful killing'
How genetically modified seeds can help - and hurt - Africa's farmers
Similac formula recalled because of beetles
GOP 'Pledge to America': Will it help Republicans in 2010 elections?
The Postcatastrophe Economy
Reader recommendation: Claiming Ground
Monitor Breakfast Q&A with Governor Tim Pawlenty