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Monitor Articles for September 2, 2010

Israeli-Palestinian talks: no breakthroughs, but a way forward
Could Israeli-Palestinian talks bring peace?
Race to the Top promises new era of standardized testing
Illegal immigrants: Which states have lost the most?
Gangs vs. Chicago police: an open feud over blame for street violence
Hurricane Earl bears down on Outer Banks, following well-worn path
Why Fox News has agreed to run an unflattering ad
What are the real values behind buying local?
Mariner Energy oil rig fire extinguished, no sign of oil spill in Gulf
Joe Arpaio: Why is Obama administration suing an outspoken Arizona sheriff?
Top 5 issues on the table for Israeli-Palestinian talks
Top Chef contestants compete to make astronaut meals
Google Chrome 6: What it is and how to get it
Abbas agrees to fresh Israeli-Palestinian talks in Egypt, but has little support at home
In Somalia, foreign intervention won't resolve Al Shabab threat
Matt Leinart: Could the Cardinals and their quarterback part ways?
As Iraq combat operations end, US forces try to cement gains
Monitor breakfast with AFL-CIO President Trumka -- public pension cuts
Opinion Guns, drugs, and La Barbie: Why America is responsible for Mexican drug cartels
Congo rejects recommendation in UN report on genocide
Top issue in Israeli-Palestinian talks: When will real negotiations begin?
Opinion Middle East peace talks: Why there's hope the bitter divide can be bridged
Proposal: Keep the value of the Bush tax cuts, but change who gets them
Oil rig explosion: Is oil leaking from Mariner Energy rig near Vermillion Bay?
Hurricane Earl path stretches from North Carolina to Boston Harbor
Tony Blair memoir: I'd do Iraq again, and I considered firing Gordon Brown
Low mortgage rates go lower. Better days ahead for housing market?
Ready for a break? Take a long weekend retreat.
Is Gotham City ready for two Batmans?
Monitor Breakfast Union leader Trumka's bleak view under a Republican-led House
Strikes in South Africa could have long-term economic consequences
Burger King goes private. More deals cooking?
US and Iran face off – at World Basketball Championships
Trade relations between Hoth and Mustafar? Lessons from fantasy worlds.
Monitor Breakfast AFL-CIO president to Sarah Palin: Change or be linked with McCarthyism
Hurricane Earl path: Power outages could vex Long Island, Cape Cod
Back-to-school quiz: Which president was a school teacher?
Oil rig explosion off Louisiana coast
Why sin taxes don't work
Astronomers spot galaxy releasing gassy 'superwind'
During these salad days, let us entertain you
My Little Brother
Baltimore tales: At a traffic light a stranger hands him a bullet
Burger King buyout by 3G Capital seen at $24/shr -CNBC
Endangered plants you'll likely never see
Traveling light: He had trimmed his belongings to a single suitcase, but what to do with his beloved books
The Monitor's View Hurricane Earl brings a whirlwind of fear. It needn't.
"My Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn: Why did gunman James Jae Lee embrace this book?
Condolences to the currency professionals
Why most Palestinians don't support Israeli-Palestinian talks – or another intifada
Small business owners to Fed: 'Get out of our way'
Florida governor race: Bud Chiles out, Rick Scott's No. 2 is Navy vet
Boxer-Fiorina debate: California economy is center stage
The summer the recovery went missing
Chilean miners' rescue timeline message controlled by government
Second Hamas attack could change focus of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks
Why a civil society extends unemployment benefits
Alaska senate race: Will Joe Miller win mean less federal money for Alaska?
Ramadan in Egypt -- over the top, but not like Christmas
Pakistani Taliban designated a terrorist group by US
Kenya asks celebrities to save its endangered wildlife
Zero tolerance for harm
CBO analysis confuses 'assumption' with 'conclusion'
The Twilight of the Bombs
Reader recommendation: The Good Son
Burger King going private? Whopper is safe, but...