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Monitor Articles for September 14, 2010

Dreading a holiday gift exchange? Now's the time to do something about it.
Pentagon looks to save billions with smarter spending
Congressional tug-of-war holds NASA's new direction in the balance
Oil spills hit on land, too: Aging pipelines imperil Midwest
NASA considering rail gun launch system
Bangladesh makes its play in the international gold game
New electronic skin could give robots human-like touch
Eiffel Tower bomb threat was false alarm, say police
New Hampshire: Will GOP's pick or 'tea party' favorite win?
Cedar Point named best amusement park: Five theme park winners
Are mainstream media evil? Breitbart and 'tea party' group disagree.
Super Mario Bros. has sold how many copies?
Reggie Bush says he's giving back his Heisman Trophy
Apple iPhone 4 still raises red flags for Consumer Reports
Israeli-Palestinian talks in Egypt address key issues of conflict
Eiffel Tower evacuated; reports of bomb alert
Russian defense minister's Washington trip brings old foes together
As Palin and Beck rise on the right, where is the left's answer?
Need a little boost?
Mark Sanchez and Jets grounded by Ravens, 10-9, in Monday night opener
The Monitor's View In search of a solution for Kashmir
Lennon tribute planned to mark late Beatle's 70th birthday next month
Stadium financing, Canuck-style
Hurricane Igor: Will it reach Bermuda?
Hurricane Julia forms in the Atlantic Ocean
"If I had been a boy, I would have been shot"
Entrepreneurial economy in critical condition – but is it recovering or not?
David R. Francis The case for cautious optimism
Who is the best tennis player of all time?
Five largest Israeli settlements: who lives there, and why
Why Egypt seeks prominent role in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks
Christine O'Donnell and 5 other races where Sarah Palin's nod counted
Jerry Brown: Did he raise taxes as California governor, or not?
Mosque near ground zero and the tale of one Republican who backs it
War spending and the economy: You say boom, I say ka-boom!
Battle of the endorsements: Sarah Palin vs. Jim DeMint
Internet service in Chattanooga will be among the fastest in the world
In Egypt, some see first salvo in Mubarak succession plan
Does American hiker Sarah Shourd's release help Ahmadinejad?
Religious ceremony prompts fish to evolve
Primary elections: Seven states to watch
Two kinds of American corporations – and their politics
Killer shrimp assault British shrimp, threaten ecosystem
Photographer reminds Japanese of their 'forgotten' hometowns
Nigeria, poised for big growth, aims to be the next 'BRIC' country
Why is Microsoft offering free software to Russian NGOs?
Why $60 billion in US arms to Saudi Arabia isn't causing an outcry
Should we rely on natural gas in earthquake zones?
Any good news today from South Sudan?
Unlike last year, Obama's back-to-school speech avoids raucous flap
Obama adds a children's book to his publishing credentials
South Sudan referendum overshadows Darfur on international stage
Opinion Middle East peace talks: four reasons not to be cynical
How do you decide where to shop?
Opinion Corporate land grabs threaten food security
Spotlight: John Cochran
An Election 2010 GOP takeover: How bad for Obama?
Japan Prime Minister Naoto Kan wins party vote to stay in power
Should health-care reform be repealed?
Harley Davidson board to review union's OK of labor deal
Stop with the 'bold' ideas for housing!
Round 2 of Israeli-Palestinian talks begins in Egypt
Democrats in midterm trouble? Scenes from a Massachusetts driveway.
Have a problem with China's government? President Hu wants to hear from you.
China, Japan fishing boat standoff deepens amid delayed talks
Ditching the blues for hope
Beware of courses offering to solve your financial woes ... for a large fee
Cuba move to cut 500,000 government jobs is biggest change in decades
Journey: My Political Life
Reader recommendation: Memory Wall