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Monitor Articles for August 9, 2010

Verizon iPhone could hit market as soon as January
Motorola Droid 2 expected to launch late this week
Post-Copenhagen quest for global warming accord stuck in reverse
Unemployment extension 101: Why now is a good time for temp jobs
First Guantánamo military tribunal under Obama gears up
Countries with the highest college graduation rates
Would you live off the grid?
Why Germany closed mosque where 9/11 plotters met
Gates' budget ax swings at Pentagon overhead, Joint Forces Command
Obama aims to lift college graduation rates, but his tools are few
Maxine Waters maintains innocence as House outlines ethics violations
As oil spill ends, are Gulf Coast economic woes just beginning?
Freddie Mac reports loss, seeks another $1.8 billion in taxpayer bailout
How to solve the jobs emergency
Textbook rental: one of best ways for students to save money
Aphids in your garden? Try warm goat breath.
As Pakistan flood worsens, US hand in recovery expands
Madden 11 review roundup
Amazon River, from start to finish, walked by former British Army officer
A state takeover of Atlantic City's gambling mess is not the answer
Opinion Ultimate battle for gay marriage supporters: their fellow Americans
Final 'kill' of Gulf oil spill well set to begin this week
Afghanistan war: Stay until job is done, say majority of Americans
Fidel Castro makes his first official appearance in four years
Fight to save Moscow forest from development tests tolerance for dissent
Mexico's ground still moving from April earthquake
David R. Francis How to fix the deficit: Tax and cut
Iraq attacks likely to increase during Ramadan, says US
Rwanda election: Why did Kagame's image tank this year?
North Korea fires rounds into Yellow Sea as South Korean demands return of fishing boat
Magic Johnson, NBA all-stars join Obama, play hoops for troops
Afghanistan aid workers' deaths highlights delicate position of Christian-affiliated groups
Global Viewpoint Rebalancing the world economy after recession
GM IPO will sell all stock at once, says CEO
Christina Romer: Who will replace her as Obama's economic adviser?
Yellowstone: Arizona fugitives believed to be in national park
Is renting a home right for you?
Kagame sees 'no reason' why he shouldn't win Rwanda election
Medicare private eyes let fraud cases get cold
Freddie Mac requests $1.8 billion in aid after 2nd quarter loss
Could a solar storm send us back to the Stone Age?
Interest rates will likely remain at historic lows
Election 2010: a fight over jobs and recovery vs. deficit and debt
Russian fires prompt Kremlin to abruptly embrace climate change
Eat Pray Love: What to read next
The Monitor's View Green energy at the grass roots, living off-the-grid of big electric utilities
How a Kagame win in Rwanda election could destabilize region
Yeah, solar and wind power are nice. But you need the grid to get off the grid.
Sacheen Littlefeather recounts blacklisting, assassination attempts
Difference Maker Even rising drug violence won't stop him from helping Mexico's poor
Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha meet Spain's king
Mia Farrow contradicts Naomi Campbell's 'blood diamond' testimony
The virtue of going off the electric grid
Indonesia deals blow to militant Islam with arrest of radical cleric Bashir
New Orleans Saints welcomed to White House by President Obama
Jill Biden plays to type in 'Army Wives' episode
Phil Mickelson falters, Tiger Woods stays No. 1
Christian NGO identifies killed aid workers, vows to stay in Afghanistan
Off the Grid
China mudslides: Rescuers dig with bare hands, shovels for 1,300 missing
Reader recommendation: Three Chords for Beauty's Sake
Aid for Afghanistan
Global warming heats up a nuclear energy renaissance
To Do List for Saturday