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Monitor Articles for August 8, 2010

Stimulus II? No. Bush tax cuts? Yes. Oxymoron? You betcha!
Newspaper circulation blossoms in Kenya
Iraqi forces ready for US pullout, says Army's Odierno
Russia wildfires: Thick, toxic smog chokes Moscow residents
Did Mark Papermaster, Apple iPhone exec, leave over 'Antennagate'?
Colombia's Santos vows to build on decade of progress
James Bullard and the Fed's incredible threat
North Korea seizes South Korean fishing boat. How long will it hold the crew?
Drum players besiege Irish island
In wake of China landslides, 127 found dead but thousands still missing
Fidel Castro warns of nuclear war, climate change – ignores Cuba issues
Pakistan floods now worse than 2005 earthquake, say officials
Rome's Colosseum opens labyrinthine tunnels to tourists
Welcome to the recovery? No, Mr. Geithner, the Twilight Zone.
Hobbies you work on will pay you back
Classic review: Blake