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Monitor Articles for August 5, 2010

Mortgage rates reach new lows. Now what?
Opinion Are China and America on a collision course?
Opinion Casino gambling in Massachusetts: the dice heard 'round the world
Does Kenya's 'yes' to new constitution signal new era?
Will California gay marriage ruling affect other states?
Last year, 10,999 terrorist attacks worldwide – a decline from 2008
Obama lauds Ford's bid to boost auto exports, including 2011 Explorer
At height of hurricane season, research teams take on storms
Terrorism charges against 14 Somalis in US reflect 'disturbing trend'
Wheat prices soar: How will that affect the grocery bill?
Google Wave: Wave goodbye
Shaquille O'Neal wants a new nickname: the 'Green Monster'?
Monitor Breakfast Mitch McConnell predicts more bipartisanship in next Congress
Senate approves funding to keep 140,000 teachers' jobs
Is the Fed using phony numbers?
California gay marriage ruling: political hot potato
Elena Kagan confirmed to Supreme Court
Android could knock Apple off its perch by 2012
Proposition 8: Gay marriage ruling appeal filed
Wyclef Jean for Haiti president: Four challenges he'll face
How should we price e-books?
Afghanistan war: Will the new Petraeus rules of engagement make troops safer?
Unemployment claims spike, stocks fall
President Calderón on Mexico's drug war: stay the course
Social Security to pay out more in 2010 than it takes in
Can social media save the world? Some nonprofits give it a try.
North Korean refugees adapt to life, school, and prejudice in South Korea
Everglades restoration plan scaled back again
Is higher executive compensation tied to performance?
Batman: Arkham City emerges from shadows, reveals release date
Returning to New Orleans: a photo essay
Revised 2010 hurricane forecast: 'major hurricanes' ahead
TaskRabbit: new part-time work for people without jobs
Nolan Ryan helps bring Texas Rangers closer to exiting bankruptcy
Pharaoh's Daughter lead singer mines her ultra-Orthodox roots for melodies
The Monitor's View Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and the billionaire challenge
Pakistani militants expand abroad, starting in Bangladesh
Video game museum gives arcade classics extra lives
Monitor Breakfast GOP's Mitch McConnell hopes midterms turn Obama into 'born-again moderate'
A-Rod's home run feat: 600 reasons not to care
Kenya constitution vote could pave way to stability
A mother steps back from the pull of over-parenting
Kashmir protests: Indian police in Kashmir don't get a break
Social Security: Are we at a tipping point?
Monitor Breakfast Sen. Mitch McConnell defends hearings on birthright citizenship
Wheat does the Malthusian shuffle
The economics of privacy
Christo and the art of the moment
Salvador Dali exhibition exclusively at Atlanta museum
The family that saves together
Credit fraud case could be the first of its kind
Watching the watcher in an eerily deserted cellblock
Jobless claims jump to three-month high
Top 5 historical true-crime books of the last decade
China kindergarten murders prompt government response
Boston Celtics move to sign Shaquille O'Neal
Kenya constitution referendum puts confidence into Nairobi stock market
From intifada hub to model Palestinian city: How Jenin turned around
How an 'ugly American' can win the hearts and minds war
Extend the Bush tax cuts? It’s the wrong question.
Spiritual thoughts of a city cyclist
South Korea begins largest anti-submarine drills ever, despite North Korea threats
India's Kalmadi struggles to preserve 2010 Commonwealth Games
The Red Umbrella
Egypt: Gaza militants actually did launch Monday's rocket attacks from Sinai
Bestselling books the week of 8/5/10 according to IndieBound*
Naomi Campbell tells war crimes tribunal she got 'dirty rocks': Were they blood diamonds?
Reader recommendation: The Indians of New Jersey
Favre: How much is his arm really worth?