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Monitor Articles for August 27, 2010

Gold glitters, but should we trust it?
Somali pleads guilty in case of pirate attack on US warship
Democrats' new YouTube attack: GOP full of 'tea party' extremists
The Tillman Story: movie review
Harry Reid vs. Sharron Angle: this season's must-see political slugfest
Centurion: movie review
Soul Kitchen: movie review
The Last Exorcism: movie review
Blockbuster edges toward bankruptcy in the age of Netflix
Glenn Beck rally on Saturday: Whose honor is being restored?
Arizona brief: judge made 'serious errors' in blocking SB 1070
Glenn Beck 8/28 rally: How can conservatives help the cause of civil rights?
Katrina anniversary: How well has recovery money been spent?
Egg recall list expands: Here's an updated list
Android 2.2 now available on the Verizon Droid Incredible
Kim Jong-il trip spurs succession speculation
What will the new economy look like?
First Hurricane Danielle, then tropical storm Earl. Next, Fiona?
Gmail call feature a ringing success, a million times over
Highlights from leaked UN draft report on Congo atrocities: 1993-1996
British Catholic adoption agency closes
Top Picks: 'Red Horse' CD, style beyond fashion at 'The Sartorialist,' behind bottled-water doc, and more recommendations
Russia grain export ban benefits US farmers, sparks talk on climate change
Historic day in Austrian economics
Jack White waxes nostalgic in bid to reconnect fans to music
Tall tales from Webland: You can learn everything about anything on the Web, but is it true?
Voice lessons: An adopted stray rediscovers her bark
Too many sharks in the venture capitalist seas?
At the Marsh – A poem
Pears – A poem
US birth rate low may be result of recession
What would happen if another Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans today?
Kepler find: scorching 'super Earth' could be smallest known exoplanet
Iraq road map: the new US ambassador explains hurdles
How can NASA help Chile miners trapped a half-mile underground?
GOP leader: Blame the bureaucrats for the economy
Rwanda dismisses UN report detailing possible Hutu genocide in Congo
The Monitor's View A model for antitribal governance in Africa: Kenya's new Constitution
Ben Bernanke speech: Federal Reserve ready to act if economy worsens
North Korea releases American to Jimmy Carter with a message - and a snub
Glenn Beck rally: Why is it on the anniversary of King's speech?
Canada arrests of citizens raise concerns of homegrown terrorism
Hurricane Katrina anniversary: Can New Orleans' new mayor revive the city?
Opinion Hurricane Katrina: Five years on, New Orleans's problems have gone national
US GDP growth revised down to 1.6 percent as economy cools
Warning: Union revolution is next
Jay-Z is the highest-earning hip-hop artist. Can you name anyone else in the Top 20?
Too much mortgage debt? Here, have another loan.
The Beatles greatest song is "A Day in the Life" according to Rolling Stone
Global Viewpoint Climate change: Will Russian heat wave prompt serious action from Moscow?
Mars hoax claims Mars will be moon-sized in the sky
Hurricane Danielle up to 135 mph winds in Atlantic
CIA paying numerous Afghan officials, report says
European students protest US-style 'capitalist education'
Lisa Murkowski's political fate on hold until next month
Questions for Eliza Griswold, author of "The Tenth Parallel"
Dr. King's niece joins Glenn Beck 8/28 rally: The tent's big enough for all
President Obama's dream car: Government intervention on four wheels
God's light in Iraq
Pakistan floods: Pakistani Taliban threats don't deter foreign aid workers
China: Portrait of a People
Reader recommendation: The Book Seller of Kabul
Bestselling books the week of 8/26/10, according to IndieBound*