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Monitor Articles for August 24, 2010

Is booming Germany caught in an ant trap?
Is new species of microbe gobbling up Gulf oil spill?
Newfound star system could have seven planets
Death row inmate Troy Davis: Judge upholds conviction
Race to the Top school reforms: Will they make a difference?
How does a $578 million school get built amid cuts, layoffs in L.A.?
Bond funds: Why they're risky -- and why they're safe
Race to the Top losers: Why did Louisiana and Colorado fail?
Dell Aero shares Streak roots, without the tablet heft
Deli meat recall announced for meat sold at Walmart
Toshiba 3D TV line packs a surprise: No glasses
Did a Catholic priest assist an IRA murder in Northern Ireland?
Wyclef Jean appealing Haiti election ruling, says 'trickery' used
Gulf oil spill to blame for oily blobs in vital Gulf sea life?
The thieves had it easy in Cairo art heist
Amid John Boehner blast at Obama, hints of how GOP would rule
Economic fears breed intolerance
What small businesses can learn from the space shuttle program
Top 5 worst US cities for traffic
3 rescues Chile miners could take hope from
Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee: Who's the better primary-day backer?
Home sales down. But six cities defy housing gloom.
Lockerbie bomber Megrahi: conspiracy theories persist
The Monitor's View A milestone in Iraq as US ends combat phase. How to mark it?
Secret Air Force X-37B space plane changes its orbit
Astronomers discover star system that looks strikingly like our own
Which cities are most willing to tackle education reform?
Facebook Fast? Pastor calls August 25 a day of online rest
Somalia's Al Shabab: Does suicide attack mark the launch of a new offensive?
California Republicans set out to woo Latino voters
A constitutional amendment for every occasion? Congress seems to think so
Why Anne Frank's tree stood for so much
Wartime evacuation: A young English boy heads for America
Record plunge for home sales could weigh heavily on economic recovery
Jimmy Carter's North Korea visit: Can he repeat Bill Clinton's success?
A bullet across the Rio Grande: How fares the war on drug lords in Mexico?
Chile mine collapse sounds alarm on safety standards
Somali parliament members, hotel guests killed by Islamist rebels
John Boehner speech falls victim to latest in spin: the 'prebuttal'
Hurricane Danielle forms in Atlantic, Earl on her heels
China traffic jam enters Day 11. A tale of deceit and criminality?
Egg recall culprit has a history of corporate crimes
John Boehner: Obama economic team should resign
Arizona primary: Why McCain is set to beat the anti-incumbent backlash
6 books that hurt so good
Australia election: Independents could be key to forming new government
Stocks or bonds? Right now, maybe neither.
Opinion Sex shop and strip clubs near ground zero show double standard over Park51
Opinion Amid record debt, we need a welfare state we can believe in – and afford
Bond funds, gold targets of big investors
John McCain faces voters, hopes to turn back challenger
Al Qaeda-linked Al Shabab blamed for Somalia suicide bombing
Stolen Van Gogh still missing, Egypt deputy minister detained
Insurance rates: Top 5 states to insure a car for less
Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods, officially divorced
Miss Universe, Jimena Navarrete, dodges Arizona immigration query
Michelle Obama and Laura Bush bridge the political divide to commemorate 9/11
Revenue sharing rewards losing teams. How can we turn that around?
Tuesday primaries: three stories to watch
Somalia terror attack kills 31, including parliamentarians
Safe, at home or abroad
A new way for entrepreneurs to plan
Pakistan floods raise questions on the future of politics in Pakistan
Hurricane Danielle gains strength in the Atlantic
Between a fiscal rock and a hard place
Reader recommendation: Who Fears Death
Minefields of the Heart
Calling all Cartesians
Confusing effect with cause again
The hidden implications of China's low per-capita income
U.S. economic double-dip is coming
Home price index shows declines
Mass layoffs decrease
Homebuyer tax credit: the scam of the century?