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Monitor Articles for August 22, 2010

Bathroom scales don't lie. Neither does market economics.
How to progress when you're running to stay even
Intellectual property rights – and trout
Social Security will be there for my children
Mad Men: a show that respects business
What frugality has taught me: 48 things
Just start it!
'Ground Zero mosque' debate hits the streets of New York
Reader Mailbag: Tips on handling a debt snowball
Israel's Netanyahu scores big victory with direct peace talks – for now
Egg recall: Supplier reported to have history of health, safety violations
Australia election conundrum: Who won?
Iran's Bushehr plant to produce nuclear power in weeks
Classic review: The Discomfort Zone
Book review: 'Be Thrifty'
Replace the Bank of England board with a rule of thumb
Do you like the BBC? Pay for it.