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Monitor Articles for August 2, 2010

Twitter: 20 billion tweets and counting
To swap broken pump on space station, a first-of-its-kind spacewalk
Ethics charges against Maxine Waters add to Democrats' woes
Amazon Kindle 3 review roundup
BP didn't make Gulf oil spill worse with dispersants, EPA finds
Birthplace of the drive-thru bans them to curb obesity
Massive 'dead zone' in the Gulf -- but not because of the oil spill
Judge refuses to block Virginia challenge to health-care reform
A silver lining in second quarter GDP
Why we should let the Bush tax cuts expire
Construction spending remained flat in June
Afghanistan war: Dutch withdrawal, WikiLeaks don't deter main NATO allies
Huge blasts of sun's plasma hurtling toward Earth
Gorilla glass invented in US. But will jobs head to Asia?
Missouri voters could rebel against Obama's health-care reform law
Will sky-high cocoa prices lift West African farmers?
Obama touts withdrawal in Iraq war. Does he sound like Bush?
Eyeing world opinion, Israel agrees to cooperate on UN Gaza flotilla inquiry
Casinos in Massachusetts: Could they help the economy?
Fox News wins in White House briefing room musical chairs
David Cameron mounts charm offensive amid fallout with Pakistan
National parks in the West still bring surprises
Miranda warning rights trimmed bit by bit by high court
BlackBerry ban in UAE will reportedly extend to visitors, too
Volvo-Geely deal China's biggest foreign auto acquisition
Business in Africa: Booming, but trade barriers still high
Tiger Woods to play Dubai Desert Classic
Do pets shape human evolution?
The Monitor's View What is a 'responsible' end to Iraq war? Obama must define it after this withdrawal.
Playing polo at the top of the world in Himalayan India
WikiLeaks: When is it 'right' to leak national security secrets?
Rocket attacks on Israel and Jordan highlight how Hamas could use Sinai
David R. Francis Estate tax bills take aim at a growing 'aristocracy of wealth'
Immigration policy unacceptable: President Obama
Nicolas Sarkozy to foreign-born French: Target police and lose your citizenship
Batman No. 1: a rare comic book goes up for sale
John Hughes In 2012 presidential election, Clinton vs. Palin?
Opinion Price for a potential Israeli strike on Iran? A Palestinian state.
Christiane Amanpour debuts on 'This Week.' How did she do?
Difference Maker Defying tradition in Syria to serve as a full-time surrogate mother
Top picks: A celebration of Mexican music, tour exotic homes, 'Entre Nos' DVD, and more recommendations
Fresh North Korea sanctions aim to cripple regime's arms sales profits
Gulf oil spill: Not as bad as we first thought?
Channeling my inner Hemingway – or not
Chelsea Clinton weds Marc Mezvinsky at exclusive New York estate
Territorial Preserve
'Static kill' solution to Gulf oil spill could stop leak for good
Did Hamas condone the latest rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza?
Burma's Moustache Brothers killing audiences, avoiding arrest
CSI Beirut: Who murdered the Arabic language?
Will state budget cuts blunt the recovery?
US sanctions on North Korea need China's support
Pakistan floods: Rescue effort under way but 27,000 still stranded
Kashmir protests: Chief minister summoned to capital after 'Bloody Sunday'
Obama's Cairo speech yields fruit in Damascus, a year later
The Party
Rocket attacks on Israel: Why Hamas has an interest in keeping Gaza quiet
Reader recommendation: Last Call
The currency of Love
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of August 2, 2010