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Monitor Articles for August 16, 2010

Samsung Galaxy tablet reportedly ready for 2010 launch
Ghost Recon to make Nintendo Wii debut in November
Carly Fiorina widens lead over Barbara Boxer: All about jobs?
Gulf oil spill: Are con artists posing as fishermen to scam BP?
'The Expendables' tops 'Eat Pray Love': death of the chick flick?
Russia fires caused by global warming? Maybe not, say scientists.
Businesses find a use for the iPad
China economy will surpass US, but when?
Space station back in order after seven-hour spacewalk. 'Sweet!'
China's powerhouse economy: Will it eventually be No. 1?
In Colombia plane crash, pilot skill praised for minimal injury
In ANC bill, South African media see threat to press freedom
Tom DeLay cleared in federal probe, but Texas charges loom
For Hamas, an end to Gaza's tunnel trade may be only the beginning
A supersized attack on McDonald's Happy Meal toys
Lourdes Shrine bomb threat prompts evacuation
The Monitor's View China becomes world's second-largest economy but it's far from being a leader
Ground Zero mosque comments: Did Obama have to say anything?
One year after release of Lockerbie bomber Megrahi, questions about BP role
Man to attempt supersonic skydive from 23 miles up
Global warming: World's highest island glacier vanishing
Success! International Space Station astronauts replace vital pump.
Why would Defense Secretary Robert Gates want to retire?
Liger cubs born in Taiwan, Napoleon Dynamite rejoices, zoo keeper could face fines (VIDEO)
Ground Zero mosque cancellation would be 'sad day,' says Mayor Bloomberg
Opinion Support our troops? Not with an empty gesture.
Opinion To boost the economy, burst the regulatory bubble
Robert Gates to retire from defense post next year
Internet to slow down unless more undersea cables are laid
Nigeria's 2011 presidential race tests North-South powersharing agreement
Wounds of Iraq war: US struggles with surge of returning veterans
US in Iraq: What's been left behind
Craigslist killer suspect Philip Markoff found dead
George Lucas thrills fans, explains R2D2 difficulties
Japan PM Kan sends signal to Asian neighbors by shunning Yasukuni Shrine
Samsung Epic 4G set for late summer launch
Droid 2 review roundup
Star Wars speed dating: Looking for love in Alderaan places?
Fifty years ago, humanity first searched for alien life in the universe
Verizon iPhone will get internal antenna, source says
Space station astronauts venture outside, continue repairs
Medicare fraud, gun rights to influence Florida top lawyer race
Difference Maker Protecting women and girls in China, where one child per family is the rule – and a boy the preference.
Jennifer Lawler's blog post: publishing in the raw
Settlement freeze dispute threatens direct Israeli-Palestinian peace talks
In Iraq, combat troops head home to US with guitars, hope
Petraeus doesn't seek 'graceful exit' from Afghanistan war. What's the timeline?
Yale gets an F? New assessment of colleges' required education
South Korea sends mixed message with war games, unification tax
Want to save money? Take notes. Seriously.
A proposed tax jumps the gun on reunification of North and South Korea
Pakistan floods continue on rain forecasts, further delaying aid distribution
Nobody Turn Me Around
Reader recommendation: Fieldwork
God's government and the Australian elections